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Everyone knows about Throwback Thursdays but the topic of senior care needs a gentler way to remember the past.  So I am introducing Memories on Mondays.  Every Monday I will share one of my memories with you.

We know not all memories are fond memories, but regardless of whether they are good or bad.  It is always nice to reflect on where we have been and who we shared our time with.  So here's the first memory...

This winter my family has been playing the card game Uno a lot.  Why?  Well it's a fun game and we all like a little competition!  Every time we play the game though, I know my mom, dad and I always think of our dear friend and neighbor Milly.  She was a unique woman who touched many hearts, especially ours.  She was born in 1900, so when my parents moved to their current home back in 1970, I don't think they were expecting Milly to be more than a senior neighbor.  However Milly was no typical senior citizen, she was their neighbor for 40 years.  Yes you read that right, she lived as their neighbor till she was 110, she then moved to a nursing home and passed at 112.

Milly was not just a neighbor, she was a friend and family.  Milly had lost two husbands and so being a senior and single, she enjoyed her new neighbors and their lovely baby (me, of course!).  She became part of the family and we started family traditions that of course included her.  After many dinners, we would play Uno as a family.

Milly LOVED cards!  She also LOVED to win!  And did I mention, she never let anyone win!  So as I child I learned those same ideas.  I can remember very fondly playing game after game of Uno for hours.  There was a lot of laughter and some excited yelling!  It was always a fun, fierce competition!  It did not matter that I was the child in the group, no one EVER let me win!

Those nights that we played Uno as a family bring back such great memories of a time when things seemed so simple.  Dinner, cards, friendship.  What more could you ask for?

What games did you play as a family?  Were they the good old board games?  Who joined in for the fun?  How can you bring back those old times and enjoy them again?​​


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