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Easter was never a huge holiday in my house but there was always the main event - and I don't mean the food portion of the holiday.  I am talking about the Easter Egg Coloring!  As a kid, I absolutely loved this activity!

Two years ago my family began celebrating Easter in Florida and so to bring back the memories, I instituted the Easter Egg Coloring Contest!  I never thought the competition would be so fierce though.  As a kid, it was all about coloring the eggs and basically making a mess.

There is a picture of me as a very young child sitting at the kitchen table with a bib and egg coloring all over me.  I was a very creative and artsy child who liked craft projects.  So Easter was a great holiday to experiment and have fun!  Dad, mom and I would color the eggs and then they would hide them for me to find.  Many years my grandmother and aunt would join us for the egg hunt and dinner.

Easter has always been my 3rd favorite holiday (1st-My Birthday, 2nd-Halloween) because it was all about a fun activity with family.  There was no pressure to buy gifts.  It was a fun holiday where you could enjoy the company of family and relax.

So when I brought back the egg coloring activity, I was so excited that my family jumped on board once again.  I am sure this year will be another fierce competition and I know some of us have already started to plan their egg themes!  Even though there has been reining champion the past two years, it's not about who wins.  It's really about all the laughs and memories we are making as a family.

So as you prepare for your celebration this year, think about how you can make it more fun and less stressful.  If you have children, invite the whole family to decorate the eggs with them.  If you have a single, senior neighbor or friend, invite them over to join you!  It is a great holiday to relax and spend time with the ones you love and make more memories!


PS  Above is the picture of the 2014 Easter Egg Winner!​


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