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"Home Instead was wonderful. They were wonderful. Last year, I have had them for 6 or 7 times for 4 or 5 days at a time to take care of my wife because I have had personal problems I have to take care of, and they’re wonderful. They made sure my wife took her medicine, took her bath, and ate. They also looked after my dog at the same time. I couldn’t ask for them to do anything more. If I asked them to clean the house, they would have, but I didn’t ask them to do that; I just told them to be a company for my wife. "

Posted by James325121 on Oct 13 2016

"I’m using home care from Home Instead. I’m satisfied with it. I haven’t used it often, but so far, I’m very satisfied. They’re very good. I’m very happy with the service. The caregiver is very capable and very understanding. "

Posted by James118784050 on Jan 30 2016

"Home Instead's staff is very efficient and attentive to my mother's needs and feedback. The caretaker comes in once a week, so it is four times a month. It has dropped down because my mother is doing better. They take her insurance, and they did all the paperwork for her. All she had to do was give her information, and they took care of the contacts and setting it up. They work around her preferred time. "

Posted by Caring102808350 on May 13 2015

"We are using Home Instead, and my experience with them is great. They take my mother to the doctor, they cook, and they keep her company for five hours a day. She is really nice, and they get along very well. They're very easy to work with, and I haven't had any problems at all as far as billing, paying, or them showing up daily. They do what they're supposed to do, and I would recommend them. "

Posted by Caring105099250 on Apr 14 2015

"From the first moment I had contact with them I have been satisfied. It was on the day my father was discharged from the nursing home. I think that was Septemer 28th. I'm from New York, so I was down there because I had to get him set up for home care, because he didn't want to stay in the nursing home for more than 90 days. The two ladies who were there, they were just outstanding. They send me weekly updates. I wouldn't know what was going on if not for them. Also, the ladies who take care of him six hours a day, I wouldn't be able to sleep at night being up here, if they were not down there. They are amazing. "

Posted by nylife on Jun 10 2013

​​“My Caregiver has been a blessing to me, and my independence. I now have no family nearby, so Home Instead gives my children peace of mind as well. I know I can depend on my caregiver, and the staff to make sure I have what I need.”- Fairfield Glade

“We have a caregiver in my parents home 3 times a week. She cooks, cleans, does all of their shopping, and gives them reminders for their medications. If it weren't for the professional, efficient, and friendly staff at Home Instead, my parents would be struggling. They really care about our family!”- Fairfield Glade


“They hire patient, kind-hearted people who are dependable and always go above and beyond to help me when I need it.”- Crossville


“They are as close to perfect as they can get. They have met every need we have asked for. It’s a great value for the price. I’m so happy with them.”- Fairfield Glade


“They are good people to do business with and very easy to get along with. They are hard workers.”- Crossville

“They were really good. My dad enjoyed the company of his CAREGiver. They were really great to keep a conversation going with him. They were great housekeepers and cooks!” – Lake Tansi


I’ve had nothing but outstanding service!”- Jamestown


“They take great care of me. I couldn’t make it without them!”- Crossville


“From the moment I contacted Home Instead they were more than helpful. They kept my father from entering the nursing home. They send me weekly updates. I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night being up here, if they were not down there taking such great care of him.” – Pleasant Hill

“They are always there for me when I need them, even with no warning at all.”- Crossville

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