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largest_Senior_and_son_4_tif.jpgThe lives of millions of Americans are affected by home caregivers. The loved ones that they tend to, of course, are the most obvious beneficiaries. But so are the countless friends and family members whose lives are enriched by the devotion and dedication of these home caregivers.

It isn’t always easy. Home caregivers face numerous challenges on a daily basis. So those who are fortunate enough to have a family member taking care of someone they love should make sure these caregivers know how important they are.

Those who want to thank home caregivers they know can try some of the following:
  1. Give ‘em a break. One of the nicest things that can happen to a caregiver is to be given a little “me” time. Friends or relatives who can help out — whether on a regular basis or on an “as possible” basis — are a true blessing. Having time to do some personal shopping, take in a movie, or just nap can be meaningful to a busy caregiver.
  2. Visit. Sometimes home caregivers long to see a friend or relative with whom they haven’t spent much time lately. Calling and arranging a time to drop in and spend a couple of hours can be very refreshing for a caregiver. And it’s even better when the visitor can help out with a few tasks while there, so that the caregiver doesn’t feel they must cut the visit short.
  3. Run errands. Going to the grocery store or picking up dry cleaning for a caregiver is an excellent way to make their day more manageable.
  4. Surprise them. Many home caregivers have schedules that make it difficult to just “drop in” for an extended stay. That said, most would still welcome a little surprise — say, ringing the bell just to give them a nice treat from the local bakery or sending flowers for no reason other than to thank them.
  5. Be a holiday helper. Holidays can add to a caregiver’s workload. A good friend can help by volunteering to pick up Halloween candy, decorate for Thanksgiving, or wrap presents in December.
Home caregivers provide one of the most important services in the nation. Letting them know they are appreciated is something everyone should take the time to do.

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