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ElderlyManSleeping-300x199.jpgCardiac issues are always on the radar screen for those taking care of elderly individuals. Because of the seriousness of heart issues and the increased risk as one ages, caregivers need to be aware of signs that indicate the possibility of developing heart problems.

Often those taking care of elderly individuals focus on the more common signs, such as chest pain or shortness of breath. However, often there are signs that may seem to be unrelated to the heart. It’s important to know about these and to bring them up with a doctor if they appear.

Sleeping Issues

Many people don’t associate snoring with the possibility of a heart issue, and, in fact, many snorers have healthy hearts. But snoring can sometimes be associated with two issues that deserve attention: an irregular heartbeat or sleep apnea. Irregular heartbeat can impede the proper flow of blood. Sleep apnea is associated with periods of time when a person stops breathing while sleeping, which is bad for the heart.


Swollen legs and feet are not uncommon. As a matter of fact, typically some swelling occurs daily, easing off during sleep. But when the swelling is excessive or lasts a long time, it may indicate a cardiac issue, including congestive heart failure.

Erectile Dysfunction

Sexual issues in males may be caused by a number of factors. Sometimes the issue is accumulation of plaque in the arteries, which impedes the erectile process.  This same accumulation can have serious consequences in terms of cardiac health.

Unhealthy Gums

When gums are especially sore or swollen or when they bleed, there’s something going on the mouth. It may be periodontitis, which creates serious inflammation in the mouth area. However, the inflammation doesn’t stop there and can spread to many other parts of the body. When the body is over-inflamed, it creates a situation in which cardiac issues are more likely to develop.

It can be difficult for those taking care of elderly individuals to know whether these symptoms are associated with a possibility of cardiac disease or not. To be on the safe side, consulting a doctor if these situations are observed is recommended.

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