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largest_Senior_at_Bank_9.jpgOne of the challenges many aging parents and other seniors face is how to stay afloat financially. Any aging parents who are wondering if there are resources available that might be able to help place them on more sound financial footing should go to Benefits CheckUp, a program of the federal government, to see.

A Common Problem

The National Council on Aging​ (NCOA) has reported that the median average household debt for older Americans was almost $41,000 in 2013. Moreover, 25% of these households have credit card debt of $7,200 or more.

And these (and other) financial issues don’t just affect aging parents and others in their wallets. They can have very real consequences on their health. The NCOA also reports that 15% of  seniors cut their pills in half in an effort to save money on medications. Such frugality can have a much greater cost on their health. An alarming 14% skip meals, which can seriously impact health as well.

Benefits CheckUp

The NCOA’s Benefits CheckUp program may be able to help many seniors. Since it started in 2001, over 5,000,000 seniors have been able to find the equivalent of $17 billion in benefits from this free service.

Benefits CheckUp provides important information on possible resources to help with food, medication, health care, housing, legal services, transportation, utilities, taxes, in-home services, and more.

Get Started

Here’s how to access Benefits CheckUp:

  • Go online to
  • Click the “Get Started Now” button.  This will lead you to a series of questions.
  • Answer the questions.  Be prepared!  There are about 4 dozen questions.  That’s a lot, but most of the information they ask for is information that you likely have readily available or don’t have to think about; if you don’t have exact information in terms of expenses, it’s okay to make an educated guess.  All these questions are necessary so that the program can help you find the kind of information you need.
  • See what benefits are available to you.
Aging parents are encouraged to explore this free option — especially if they are currently encountering significant financial stress.​

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