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largest_Happy_Senior_Female.jpgMost of us experience the aches and pains that come with aging, but do those discomforts have to affect our grooming habits? The answer is no!

Arthritis, lower back pain, and slipped discs can affect even those who conscientiously take care of themselves.  If you pride yourself on a neat appearance, but it hurts just to brush your hair, what can you do? Consider purchasing some inexpensive personal care mobility aids to help you deal with your limited range of movement issues.  Here are a few ways to deal with some common problems.

Avoid Bad Hair Days

If your arm doesn’t bend easily or if your sore shoulder keeps you from reaching out, brushing your hair may be a challenge.  Try switching to a long-handled hairbrush, especially if you can find one with a handle that adjusts to different lengths.  This can make it easier to tend to areas of your hair that are currently difficult to reach.

Did your hair dryer suddenly become heavy? If you have movement issues, you may find it tiring to hold it for long periods of time. The solution?  A stand with a clip for attaching the hair dryer.  You can adjust the stand to a height that works for you, put the hair dryer in the stand, turn it on, and then move your head from side to side, rather than gripping the hair dryer and making your arm do all the work.

Get a Grip!

You know you’d look really sharp in that Brooks Brothers button-down, but your arthritic fingers hate fumbling with all those buttons.  Don’t opt for that old pullover that has seen better days; try a button aid.  These devices have long wire circles on the ends of a wooden handle that may make it easier for you to grip and control those buttons.

Is the thought of struggling with a zipper keeping you from wearing that lovely dress your daughter bought you?  Maybe a zipper puller can help.  The zipper puller attaches to the zipper, but has an extra long handle that allows you to more easily get to and move the zipper.

Mind the shoes!

Comfort is very important, but do you ever find yourself choosing an old, easy-to-put-on pair of shoes over a snazzier pair that is harder to slip into?  A shoehorn would even things up, but maybe you’re not currently in a position to grip a shoehorn and bend over easily.  If that’s the case, look into an extended shoehorn – one with a handle that reaches two or three feet and that limits the amount of bending and stretching that you need to do.

Looking good can help you feel good.  Investigate personal care mobility aids to keep yourself looking your best.

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