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Home Care Bettendorf, IA, Reviews

Read what other families in the Quad Cities have to say about Home Instead Senior Care®:​​

Latest Reviews & Testimonials

Caring yet professional.  Home Instead provided in-home care for my father until he passed and then the same for my mother.  They matched skilled caregivers' personality best suited to each of my parents.  It was such a relief knowing mom and dad were safe and happy in their own home and I had piece of mind knowing their wishes to stay in their home were not compromised. 

Very considerate and caring individuals!  A perfect fit for our situation.  Thankful they were there for my parents!

Dearest Renee,


Good afternoon!  Before I begin, please accept my apology for the delay in this correspondence.  At first I was dealing with the busy details of catching up on life after Daddy’s illness and passing, then I met Mom in Florida and then I completely forgot about writing this.  Hopefully, it’s better late than never.  I hope my memory of some of the more subtle nuances and details will return.  Time is weird right now, even though it has been just slightly over 12 weeks since Daddy’s passing, it seems like a lifetime ago.


I am confident when I say and speak on behalf of my family that our experience with Home Instead was beyond satisfactory.  It truly was a working relationship, which I hope your other families/clients understand.  The situations that require your services vary, as in our case as Daddy’s health declined our needs were ever changing and so were our demands.  What started as occasional help three times a week to assist the mornings of dialysis changed to our needing 24/7 care.  As I am sure of most families, we tried to do as much as we could for as long as we could.  But when a change did occur, we did not always give you a lot of notice.  However, we knew without a doubt that all of your staff was diligently working to accommodate us as though we were your only client.  Never did we feel secondary or alone in our struggle to provide Daddy everything necessary to keep him as happy and comfortable through the extreme decline of his wellbeing.  Either Amanda or you were just a phone call away. 


There were many “little things” that as a family we truly appreciated and understood.  One of which was the blessing when personalities of your staff naturally melded with our family.  In other cases, where this didn’t happen, we felt completely comfortable coming to you to request a change.  As I stated above, this truly was a working relationship, and like life nothing is perfect.


I would regret not pointing out the many comforts, kindness and care the staff gave us.  Our first was Stacie, whose knowledge from her father’s Parkinson’s disease certainly eased us with her experience.  She knew how to manipulate Daddy’s ever declining body so as to not hurt either him or us.  She was a tremendous comfort the day he missed the bed and fell to the floor.  She was able to guide him to assist us in getting him back into the transfer chair.  And it seemed appropriate that she was with us the morning we said enough, no Daddy, you have gone through too much.  


Our night crews of Tina, Bonnie and Hynee.  The grace, calm and relief we experienced cannot be underestimated.  These angels doted on Daddy during some of his most restless times.  Tina would get Daddy to the kitchen for cereal or even to watch television when he would experience his sleepless nights.  She was the first to see the spirits/orbs the night we had the baby camera.  All your staff, having experienced this time and time again, gracefully smiled and reassured us of the events we, too, had witnessed.  Bonnie would bathe Daddy to exhaust him so that he could rest.  Did he love that!!  We only had Hynee one night, but I have never seen a cleaner oven! 


Besides giving us must needed rest, these angels loving cared for Daddy and immaculately cleaned to Mommy’s wishes.  As you know, I would leave for a few days to return to my home in Illinois, only to come back to my parent’s home expecting to find it in shambles based upon the changes that occurred in the short time I was away. Nope!  That house always looked like the cleaning ladies had just left, and I know this pleased my Mommy so.  She is a domestic engineer like none other, and our home always was kept beautifully.  You calmed her anxieties and alleviated her responsibilities by tackling the household duties, so much so after Daddy’s passing and your departure I had to announce to her I do not work for Home Instead!!


Your staff is comprehensive in their care from the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional aspects.  Towards the end, Daddy would talk to your staff and thankfully they shared those conversations.  We received insight and healing from the words he expressed to them, as he knowingly knew he was leaving us and the pain was more than any of us could endure.    Shayla specifically shared with me what Daddy had said about me, and forever my life is altered.  We are forever indebted for those exchanges.  Even though at one time Daddy described the staff changes as, “we are running a boarding house”, I truly believe he grew to emotionally depend on the healing effects these girls offered.  From their soothing constant companionship at his bedside, to the signing praises of Jesus and our country from the ever talented Shawn, literally no stone was left unturned.  It was extremely fitting that Holly was on duty with our family the last day.  She comfortably chided me to make my mother happy, to perfectly timing her departure from the dinner table to check on Daddy only to quickly summon my mother just as Daddy was leaving us.  And then to have Shawn signing at Daddy’s funeral, that is unparalleled fate and divine intervention.


So, words fail the emotion of gratitude and thanks I wish to convey for the miracles of love and care your girls provided my family at the most painful experience of our lives.  I do not wish these experiences for other families, but when they do arrive, they will be better armed and wise to use Home Instead to feel the grace of God and Jesus’s hand guiding the departure of their loved one.


I know I have missed someone who needed to be personally recognized, please forgive me.  Time and age intervening here!  Please do not hesitate to use me as a reference.  ​



Jeanne B

Dear Home Instead,

We send our heartfelt appreciation to your staff and CNA's for the wonderful care you gave our Mother. She improved enough to move to a care facility and is doing well. I would certainly recommend you to others!

Daughters of Clients

Many days when I'd be over at Mom's trying to help her get organized or just trying my best to help her get through the day, I'd be utterly exhausted. Terri would come in and help take tasks "off my plate" so I could do things with Mom that will now become treasured memories instead of painful ones! I am so very grateful and happy we took steps to use Home Instead!

Dear Steve,

On behalf of my family, I wanted to write and thank you for the incredible help of your team with my mom, Corinne L. Jeanie C. was our client care coordinator and I couldn’t have asked for a better person to work with throughout the decision process and the transition to in-home care for mom. Jeanie was professional, thoughtful, patient, compassionate, available and always ready to find a way! Her passion and dedication to providing care was a comfort to our family and I must commend her.

Your office staff: Shelley; Amanda; Chris and Debbie helped me with so many things – always with courtesy, concern, and compassion. And your care staff – what can I say?! Denise and Angie were remarkable with mom. Their dedication and caring went well above and beyond the call of duty and was very much appreciated by mom and by us. The comfort we derived knowing that mom was well cared for is priceless.

The quality of your entire team is top-notch – I cannot speak highly enough of everyone with whom I’ve had the opportunity to interact. I have and will continue to recommend the use of Home Instead to my friends/colleagues nationwide. Thank you, thank you, thank you – to all – you provide such loving and professional care to people in need.

Lynn L., Daughter of a Client

Thank you for your gift to the library. But mostly thank you for the wonderful care you gave to my parents. Your care immeasurably improved both my parent’s lives and gave my mother the best possible last six months. You are wonderful!

I would like to express my deep appreciation for the wonderful care my mother received from her CAREGivers. Nancy and Marlene will always have a special place in our family’s hearts. Their compassion and devotion to my mom were amazing. Tonya and Bobbi were wonderful to mom too. Pam was a wonder, training the CAREGivers in the techniques needed to care for mom. Everyone at Home Instead we came in contact with was both professional but with a personal touch. You have a great group of employees.

Thanks again. – Marion W., Daughter of a Client

There is a feeling of assurance that the person you love and care for is being taken care of in your absence. That’s what Home Instead does. My aunt hates to see the CAREGivers go. There are times she probably likes to see them more than see me.

Ryan K., Nephew of a Client

Dear Home Instead,

A most heartfelt thank you to all of you who helped us keep our parents in their own home. We would not have been able to do it wihtout your help! Thank you also for the kind donations - to be given to Vander Veer Park - a special place for all of us. Your presence in our parents' lives gave us peace of mind.

Family of a Client

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