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Caregiver of the Month

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Home Instead Caregiver

A tradition of great caregiving means that we take care of our own as well as we take care you and your family. 

We reward our local CAREGivers with CAREGiver of the Month and CAREGiver of the Year awards to show our appreciation for all they do. Home Instead, Inc. also recognizes regional CAREGivers of the Year and one special CAREGiver who shows exceptional dedication is the recipient of the national award — The Mary Steibel CAREGiverSM of the Year Award.

This program inspires CAREGivers to strive for excellence. It creates a sense of pride and rewards their hard work, compassionate care and service to others.

We are thrilled to introduce our outstanding award winning CAREGivers:​

October 2013 - Elizabeth W.

October 2013 - Elizabeth W.

Elizabeth has been a steady and reliable CAREGiver throughout her tenure with Home Instead. She is very committed to her client, who can sometimes have challenging requests. Elizabeth has learned how to balance her position as a friend and aide to her client, with being a source of information to the client’s family. Although her client suffers from dementia, she is fiercely independent and attempts to hide things from her children.

Elizabeth has perfected both roles so that her client can continue to stay independent, but her children are also involved and aware of any important situations that arise. It’s not always easy to carry both roles, but Elizabeth has excelled at this and therefore gained the trust and respect of both her client and their family members. Thank you Elizabeth for your devotion to providing the best care!

September 2013 - Tanya R.

September 2013 - Tanya R.

Tanya is one of our most compassionate CAREGivers here at Home Instead. She has worked with two terminal clients whose families couldn’t have been more pleased with Tanya’s care for their loved ones during the delicate end stages of their lives.

Tanya displayed immense kindness to one of her clients by throwing him a surprise birthday party with all of his closest friends. She contacted his friends, organized a place to meet, and even decorated for the event. It was certainly a party to remember and it not only meant a lot to the client, but it was so wonderful for his friends as well. Now they can remember him joyfully at his final birthday party.

Tanya’s focus on bringing new adventures and delight to the lives of our clients has been outstanding. We are so glad that she is a part of our team!

August 2013 - Mary H.

Mary has been a hard working and faithful member of the Home Instead team for a little over a year. When Mary began her employment, she started working for a client with very specific needs and cares, pertaining to her Jewish customs and beliefs. Learning about these specific details while accomplishing the duties and tasks of the job, along with building a relationship and trust with the client all at the same time could have been overwhelming for anyone! Alas, Mary took it all in stride and quickly mastered the skill of maintaining a kosher home.

Mary’s willingness to learn and eagerness to please is ever present and all of her clients are thrilled with her because of it. Mary is always smiling and looking out for the best interest of her clients, to ensure they are receiving the finest care.
We here at Home Instead are fortunate to have such a superb CAREGiver as Mary! Thank you for your dedication and we look forward to many more years of working together.

July 2013 - Sandra W.L.

Sandra has been part of the Home Instead team for nearly three years. Throughout Sandra’s tenure, she has demonstrated dedication and compassion to her clients by always keeping the office informed of hazards in the home and their changing needs. Sandra’s clients are just as dedicated to her and frequently communicate with the office about how pleased they are with Sandra’s care and hard work.

Recently one of Sandra’s clients was singing her praises to one of his neighbors, which resulted in a business lead for new services! The fact that her client was so impressed with her care proved Sandra’s model CAREGiving performance.
Sandra has fun with her clients and shares interesting and humorous stories about her visits. Her positive rapport with her clients places her in a unique situation that builds trust quickly.

We are delighted to have Sandra on our team and look forward to many more years of collaboration!

June 2013 - Heidi T.

June 2013 - Heidi T.

Hiedi is celebrating her one year anniversary as a Home Instead CAREGiver this month and we want to honor her as our CAREGiver of the month! Hiedi has been incredibly reliable and trustworthy since day one. Her dedication to the well-being of her clients is remarkable. She shares all concerns with the office staff and keeps us up-to-date on any changes in the health or behavior of the clients she works for.

Hiedi’s strong bonds with her clients are very apparent. Often times her clients rave about how good she treats them and how much they appreciate her hard work and attention to detail. They “would be lost without her!”

Hiedi’s is ambitious, soft spoken, professional, and calm. These characteristics come together to make her a prize employee, impressing great comfort and security to our clients for their welfare. Thank you for your service Hiedi! We do appreciate you!

May 2013 - Darlene R.

May 2013 - Darlene R.

Darlene has been an important part of the Home Instead Senior Care team of CAREGivers for almost nine years. During that time Darlene has established a remarkable rapport with her clients and their loved ones, as well as her colleagues.

Darlene’s even temperament and passion for CAREGiving shines continually whenever you interact with her. She has a special knack with seniors and is able to bond with them immediately. Her faithfulness to her clients and her job is proven time and again, as she has had some of the longest standing relationships with our clients.

Darlene is perceptive to her client’s needs and conditions and is willing to adapt to their changing requests on a daily basis with a positive attitude. Her genuine caring personality makes her a true gem among our team. We are so grateful for Darlene’s skills and knowledge when it comes to caring for seniors. We are looking forward to serving the community for many more years with you Darlene!

April 2013 - Willie S.

April 2013 - Willie S.

Willie has been an important part of the Home Instead Senior Care team of CAREGivers for seven years! She displays the heart of a companion, and balances it with firm control that some of her difficult clients need.

Recently one of Willie’s clients fell over the weekend. Willie did her usual visit to the client on Tuesday and noticed that the client was not feeling well and Willie could tell that something was wrong. Willie moved quickly and notified the office right away. The client’s daughter was contacted and she took her mother to the doctor and it was discovered that the client had broken ribs and a compromised lung! Thanks to Willie’s awareness and attentive nature, her client was taken care of and will recover well.

It is instances like this that set Home Instead Senior Care apart from the rest. With compassionate CAREGivers that take the initiative, we are providing the best care. Thank you Willie for being such a great asset to us and the community!

March 2013 - Kim G.

March 2013 - Kim G.

Kim has been a CAREGiver for Home Instead for over five years and we are so fortunate to have her as part of our team. Kim excels at anticipating the needs of her clients and she goes above and beyond when it comes to attending to their requests. She always keeps the office up to speed on changes in her client’s conditions and is a pro at adapting to their changing cares.

Kim has proven to be very versatile and flexible. She is willing and able to take on any challenge or situation, and her quality of care never falters. Anyone who meets Kim, including her clients, can tell that she genuinely enjoys the work she does and has a lot of compassion for the clients she works for. These are only some of the reasons that we choose Kim to be the CAREGiver of the Month. Thank you for your outstanding job well done, Kim!

February 2013 - Lowistine M.

February 2013 - Lowistine M.

Lowistine has been with our office for over three years and we are excited to celebrate her as the CAREGiver of the Month for February! 

Recently, Lowistine reminded us how important each CAREGiver is to the health and well being of our clients.  Not only does she advocate for her clients, she plays an active role in assuring they are in a safe, positive environment. 
Lowistine has many long standing clients, demonstrating how she is able to make a connection with the client and their family and build relationships that last.  She is upbeat and confident and always a joy to visit with. 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Lowistine for her commitment to Home Instead and her dedication to her clients.
Thank You!

January 2013 - Melanie A.

January 2013 - Melanie A.

We are very excited to celebrate Melanie as our CAREGiver of the Month for January.  In an industry where the core of our success relies on the relationships we create, Melanie has proved to be an immeasurable asset.  Her clients warm to her easily and she is always willing to lend a helping hand.

Melanie is a hard worker and always has a positive attitude.   On many occasions Melanie has gone above and beyond what is expected of her both with clients, coworkers, and office staff alike.

Melanie demonstrates her commitment to Home Instead through her efforts and compassion for others.  We would like to congratulate her on one year with us and look forward to many more.

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Home Instead offers free monthly newsletters with tips and advice for caregivers of elderly loved ones. (Privacy Policy)

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