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For CAREGiver Sharon S. from client Thomas J.

I am writing this letter to express my complete satisfaction with Sharon S. as my caregiver. The devotion she has to accomplish all her assigned duties without me having to remind her of anything. Sharon performs her obligations in a professional manner and is very attentive to my needs. Her performance reflects great credit to your company and the employee recognition program you have in place.

I have been a client of Home Instead since 2011 and Sharon has been my caregiver from the beginning. She is a very positive and upbeat person and it is always a pleasure to be around her. I look forward to Sharon being my caregiver for many years to come.

If and when J.D. Power and Associates contacts me concerning the rating and satisfaction survey, I will be sure to give your company the highest scores. I would rate Sharon’s performance as a 10. Thank you for the service provided to mea and the peace of mind to my family.

Thomas J.

Home Instead Senior Care,

Thank you for your wonderful service. You are a class act all the way. Teresa P. was truly a gift from God. She was so kind to Ed and me and made my life easier and was a blessing to Ed. I’ll always appreciate your care and will sing your praises.


"This CareGiver is an exceptional young lady and caregiver. Latrice is amazing in how she handles the balance between her personal and work life to service me 7 days a week. She is always working when she's here and I never have to tell her what to do. She sees something and just does it. She has made a big difference in my life and I would not be able to stay in my home without her. She is also a very calming presence for me."

This is what client Sylvia D had to say about CAREGiver Maggie White who has been receiving accolades since she started working for Home Instead 7 ½ years ago:
“A kind deed is like water for a flower. It makes the heart bloom. Thanks for planting a garden in my heart. I was praying for a miracle and then you came along. You are a gift to my life. Thanks for everything, Maggie.”

From a client’s husband because of the care his wife received during her final days:
“I wish to thank Home Instead caregiver Janice Coombs for taking care of Martha. You could tell that she took care of her with her heart. I feel she was attached to Martha because of the gentle way that she handled Martha when she was helped in and out of the tub for her two baths a day. Later, when it became necessary to give Martha bedside baths, which was not easy, Janice made it seem easy.”

For CAREGiver Filly Mbenga from a grateful daughter:
“Thank you for all of your help in getting my father home and settled. I appreciate your help in making his last days at home so peaceful.”

From client Charlotte D for CAREGiver Valarie Green:
“Valarie is extremely charming and happy and a great asset to your company.”

Client Pauline’s daughter was elated with the help CAREGiver Agnes Barbee provided her mother:

“Agnes has been wonderful. Without her CAREGivers, my mom would have deteriorated further in her fragile state. My Mom didn’t know what she was going to do have to look at four walls the whole time. Agnes had been so wonderful. I can’t explain her connection to my Mom.”

Client Alice M said this about CAREGiver Jennifer Teasley:
“Jennifer is superb and takes a real interested in her clients. I feel totally safe with her.” Jennifer gets so many compliments we can’t keep up. Another client, Russell, said about Jennifer, “She is the very best…great in fact! I never have to remind her. She is always one step ahead of me!”

Working for Home Instead for 12 years as one of our client’s favorites, Elease Hugee had a client’s daughter-in-law say this about her:
“Thank you for all the comfort and companionship you provided to my mother. We cannot say enough about the wonderful care you provided her. You gave us peace of mind.”

Client Chuck W was so appreciative of CAREGiver David Reinsel’s help:

“David is a wonderful man, kind and considerate and wants to do everything for me. David is hard working and the apartment has never looked better- it is clean with no more clutter thanks to David.”

From a grateful daughter following her Mom’s passing:
“It is very important to our family that you know that Karen Eaves and Cal Adkins became, over the period of time they provided their superb, competent, patient loving gently care to my mother and support and encouragement to my brother George and me, angels in our lives. We, my mother, George, and I are now and will remain eternally grateful to them for their indispensable service to us! Thank you for bringing them into our lives! We will miss them greatly! With our love and appreciation to you and everyone at Home Instead. God bless you all!”

CAREGiver Donna Parkerson receives compliments regularly from clients. According to client Ada:
“Donna is helpful and organized. She jumps right in when she arrives and helps with laundry, linen change and anything she sees that I need, even small things like the refrigerating needing to be better organized. Donna is also a great shopper and really knows how to find the best deals. One of the best things about our time together is that we laugh a lot. Donna even seems to enjoy hearing about when I was growing up. Donna actually brought some of her own pictures recently for us to look through and we enjoyed talking about our younger years.”

CAREGiver Dottie Davis remains another client favorite. According to client Marion D:
“Dottie is an outstanding woman. If I could I would adopt her as part of our family. Dottie thinks ahead and sets things out and we are very dear friends. I want her to help me as much as she possibly can.”

According to our Client Care Manager, Karen Kurey, she observed the following when CAREGiver Magda Smith was caring for client Donna C.:
“Magda is one of the most caring and conscientious CAREGivers. From the moment she walks in the door, she has the instinct to know what Donna needs to have done. Magda has the innate ability to make the client and all those around her feel special. While Donna was sitting in her courtyard, Magda began to pull some weeds and clean out the fountain. Donna is so appreciative of Magda’s strong work ethic and her heart of gold.”

From Client Janice F for CAREGiver Latrice D:
"This CareGiver is an exceptional young lady and caregiver. Latrice is amazing in how she handles the balance between her personal and work life to service me 7 days a week. She is always working when she's here and I never have to tell her what to do. She sees something and just does it. She has made a big difference in my life and I would not be able to stay in my home without her. She is also a very calming presence for me."

From client Charlotte D for CAREGiver Bill S
"I only hope that you are aware of how much you have helped to make Vernon's life 'worth living' in spite of Alzheimer's Disease. I am forever indebted to you for providing the very finest in CAREGivers. We have witnessed that Home Instead personnel are steps ahead of the many others we see here. They exude confidence and pride; they are pleasant and compassionate and their SMILES are genuine expressions of all that all of you at Home Instead represent. You are to be commended for choosing highly qualified personnel. I know that I speak for many others when I say you have assembled the very best and they represent you well.

Surely by now, you know how blessed we feel to have Bill S. in our lives (thanks to you). This gentle man is the epitome of what a caregiver should be. He goes out of his way to find new and exciting thins which continue to enrich Vernon's life. Because of Home Instead and Bill I know the truth in the proclamations that 'God never give one more than He knows we can handle!' May God continue to bless all of you at Home Instead for helping Vernon and I handle this journey."

From client Lucinda Jo C for CAREGiver Gloria A:
"I just have to tell you again how much Gloria means to me. She makes my life so much better. She is wonderful! Thank you."

Client David H’s son, Elliot told us this about 3 of our CAREGivers, Teresa P, Danette E and Agnes B:
“The level of care giving that each brings is outstanding. They have a sense of personal connection, not only good at caretaking, but they have built a wonderful relationship with my dad. Dad feels safe with these remarkable women and as a family member, along with my siblings, we are comfortable being hundreds of miles away knowing he is in excellent hands.”

Client Lana’s sister Katherine said the following about CAREGiver Kateria P:
"Kateria was a calm presence. She came in and took over in a good way…I felt comfortable leaving this virtual stranger in my home to take care of my sister. I didn't worry about leaving and enjoyed my time away more so because I knew Lana was in good hands. I knew Kateria was capable of handling anything for the week I was gone."

From client Jane W’s granddaughter Lindsay as we cared for her grandmother in her final days:
Pat B. was such a Godsend to my grandmother and me. After trying to manage all care with very little sleep for my grandmother, I truly needed some rest. She was requiring more attention and supervision, especially at night. Pat was wonderful and not only took care of her needs with great attention to detail, but also made sure I was able to get some rest so I could be there for my grandmother as she neared the end. For that, I am so thankful and grateful for Pat!

Cassandra H. was with my grandmother and me the day she died. Cassandra was such a calming influence throughout the day when I was nervously running all over the house trying to do what was best for her. Cassandra’s amazing attention she paid to my grandmother is what alerted me to the fact she was beginning the dying process and it allowed all of her “family” to be by her side when she took her last breath.

Patty B. was such a calming influence for my grandmother. She was reassuring and kind at a time when my grandmother needed more personal assistance. She made sure that I would have absolutely no worries when I tried to get some sleep during the night. My grandmother was content and at peace each morning I went to see her after Patty left. Her sincerity was such a wonderful gift to me.

From Dr. John R and his wife Jeanne:
"Jodette H. is absolutely the best and if we could afford it, we would have her here every day. She even offers us tea and is always so willing to do whatever is needed. She is a gem! I don't know how we got so lucky!"

Client Ada F’s daughter in law, Claudia said this about CAREGiver Donna P:
“Donna always goes above and beyond in spending time with my mother-in-law. For example, she used her own time and resources to find the exact nightgown online that she likes to wear. I was not able to find this online and Donna stepped in to help her out.”

Client Carolyn L. about CAREGiver Annie R:
“Annie does an outstanding job. She knows what I need and gets me where I need to be. She is wonderful because she can put up with me. She has been a blessing”.

From clients Lorraine and Curt M for CAREGiver Larnise B:
“Larmise is absolutely terrific! I have never known anyone who shows such outstanding sensitivity. I wish I could keep her all of the time. She is like a daughter me. She once told me that ‘I inspire her’ however, she has truly inspired me. She is caring and thoughtful and takes care of Curt like he was her own family. She has always helped me with anything I needed. She is so generous and so loving. Larnise is just an overall phenomenal person. She amazed me at her willingness to always go above and beyond for us because I know she genuinely cared. On top of all of that, she was ALWAYS on time and never once has ever shown up even a minute late.”

From client Lincoln P’s wife:
“Stafford takes such good care of my husband – he is able to work with him at times when I am unable to – he is able to turn Lincoln’s behavior and mood around. I really appreciate Stafford’s work with my husband.”


"When I called about a concern that had occurred over the last several months, my concerns were taken seriously. Home Instead has been very helpful when needing extra care givers, schedule changes etc. Thanks "

Posted by BWLewis on Mar 08 2018

"I have used Home Instead for several years and have been extemely happy with their service and support. We have had several caregivers and they have all been wonderful. They have made sure someone was with my mother, shopped for food, drove to doctor appointment and kept me updated. I highly recommend them."

Posted by cmar on Oct 02 2017

"Everyone I dealt with was professional, understanding and kind."

Posted by cathdmc on Sep 25 2017

"We used Home Instead as transition care for our mother, We found them to be helpful from the beginning of getting information about their services. The caregiver that was assigned to us has been pleasant and willing to assist in any way. Should we need care for our mother again we would automatically call Home Instead. Thank you Annie for being kind to our mother.. Karen"

Posted by K Mac on Sep 12 2017

"As soon as I called Home Instead... and I was desperately needing immediate assistance for my mother, the phone calls began! Even the owner, Les called offering details and we immediately had someone to be with my mother! I am very fond of and familiar with Home Instead as I work in the medical field, but this was the first time I needed them for personal reasons. Words are not enough to describe the love, care, and attention given to my mother during her final weeks. Not only did her caregivers provide such loving attention, but they also prayed with her...I could never have imagined how a complete stranger could provide such love especially in those final days. Home Instead only hires the best of the best and I know from experience their training and expectations of their staff are exceptional!"

Posted by CMeans on Sep 11 2017

"My Dad's caregiver was excellent. He had Alzheimers & he connected with her immediately. She was very loving and kind to him. She made suggestions of activities for him to do such as puzzles and coloring. It was a joy to me to see him interact with her so lovingly. "

Posted by pdc on Aug 29 2017

"Yes, 5 stars... 10 is more appropriate... The care that was given to my mother, at 93, was straight from Heaven... I'm her only child, but a son can only do so much when caring for his mother... I reached out to, "Home Instead", they took my burden, eased my mind, and took care of my mom... and that's all that mattered to me... But the one thing that struck me; the one thing that stuck out, aside from their kindness, is that, "Home Instead" knows, that every time their phone rings, it's someone who needs help... Like me. Thank you, Home Instead... I'll definitely need your help again."

Posted by rollo.james on Aug 15 2017

"Home Instead allowed my 87 year old mother to live independently in her apartment until her passing. The staff and care givers were amazing. They truly became best friends with my mom. As the daughter, I had such a level of comfort that someone was checking on mom and providing a quality lifestyle. As we all age it is important that we feel loved and cared for. Thanks to Home Instead they provided such to my mom."

Posted by Nancy Blough on Aug 14 2017

"Excellent, Professional, Through and Sensitive to Individual Needs."

Posted by nancy999 on May 18 2017

"A very professional organization. If you can afford this care, it is worth the money."

Posted by anklebreaker on May 15 2017
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