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At Home Instead Senior Care serving Central Oregon, we love a good party… especially when it is in honor of a senior marking an important birthday, anniversary or achievement.

Milestone celebrations are a great way for family and friends to come together to show a senior how much they are loved. But before you start planning the menu and drafting the guest list, here are some important things to consider:
  • The More Isn’t Always The Merrier: Even if your senior has always been the life of the party, they may no longer be comfortable in large crowds. Consider that your senior will probably want to be able to speak to every guest individually and try not to invite so many people that they will feel overwhelmed. Also, many seniors may have trouble hearing or focusing in rooms where there is a constant din or too much activity. If your senior is fortunate enough to have so many well-wishers that a small party just won’t work, try holding an open house and suggesting time slots when guests who all know each other (your mom’s bridge club at 4, people from her church at 5) can gather in smaller groups.
  • Location, Location, Location: Parties at clubs, event halls and restaurants are fun, but do take into account that your senior may need to take five at some point if it all gets to be too much. Hosting a party at your senior’s home, or a place where they have access to a bedroom if they need to lie down for a bit, can help ensure that they don’t overdo it. If your senior lives in an assisted living or retirement facility, you may be able to use a common room or rent one for a nominal fee.
  • To Gift or Not To Gift: Chances are, the greatest gift for a senior is being able to spend time with loved ones. No, really. Most seniors would actually prefer not having more things to clutter up their homes. If this is the case for your senior, you may wish to write “No Gifts Please” on the invitation. Of course, your senior may be the exception, in which case you may consider having some gift ideas to suggest if anyone asks.
  • Dietary Rules Still Apply: Going to a party where all the refreshments are off limits can be a real wet firecracker. Help your senior avoid this by planning a menu of tasty treats that are inside the boundaries of any dietary restrictions they may have. Not only will they appreciate your thoughtfulness, but it will help them avoid any temptations that could cause problems later.
For more information about helping seniors continue to live high quality lives, please contact Home Instead Senior Care serving Central Oregon at 541-330-6400 or Like us on Facebook.


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