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​5 Tips Taken Directly from our CAREGiver Training

When it comes to our line of work, people make all the difference in the world. Only when you realize that people are individuals, each with their own stories and strengths, can you start to change the world.

We are in the business of caring for someone’s parents in their own home, so naturally training is critical and crucial. Hours in a classroom don’t mean anything though. Anyone can sit through a class and retain little-to-nothing (think back to your time in high school or college). Half the time, all that stuff seems to be common sense, right?

Common sense is not always common practice.

To make an impact in our community, we have embraced a training curriculum called CARE: Changing Aging through Research and Education.

Aside from the traditional topics like The Aging Process and Safe Client, Safe CAREGiver (both great classes), our Building Relationships class stands out as something special. This is the 3rd 1.5 hour class that each of our CAREGivers completes before we even let them step foot in your parents house.

In a culture where relationship comes​ before task, this is where we get really excited. When we start focusing on individuals instead of illnesses or conditions, you can’t help but love your job.

Part of this training class focuses on cultural diversity. In understanding that all of us have values, traditions and beliefs that differ dramatically from our neighbors, this is topic in great need of exposure.

So here are a few tips that we share with our CAREGivers that we feel could benefit everyone.

​Five tips to demonstrate cultural awareness:

  1. Be aware of your own cultural background and how it influences your behaviors, needs and biases. If you don’t know who you are or why you do what you do, it will be very hard to understand others. As anything important in dealing with people, you have to know yourself first.

  2. Be open to learning about other cultures. If you don’t have any interest in learning about others values and beliefs, you have no business caring for anyone else.

  3. Ask questions about the cultural background of your client. Be curious. You don’t have to agree or accept anyone else’s beliefs to appreciate and respect them.

  4. Adapt your caregiving style to match your client’s cultural background. Engage with others on their level and on what they value. Be relevant.

  5. Be genuine in your desire to honor the cultural background of others, even when the culture is different from your own. We can all spot a fake and it can be very irritating.

At the end of the day, we are all people and we all learn something valuable from one another. Be kind, be loving, be generous and real. Be all the things you want others to be.

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