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Vitals Monitoring 

We're giving aging adults another way to remain safe, assess their health and stay on track with their wellness goals — all from the comfort of their homes.
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Proactive Monitoring for Health & Safety

Home Instead® Vitals Monitoring™ is a complimentary service designed to:

  • Proactively monitor vitals signs
  • Identify potential health issues and concerns before symptoms persist
  • Alert your aging loved one when a vitals reading falls outside his or her doctor's prescribed limits so that early intervention can occur
  • Help your family’s medical provider analyze and diagnose the health of your loved one via 24/7 access to vitals history

Home Instead CAREGiver sitting on the couch showing a smiling senior how to use a tablet device

Vitals Monitoring includes a main console with connected, wearable wrist/neck pendant, as well as the following Bluetooth devices: weight scale, blood pressure monitor, spirometer, pulse oximeter, non-contact thermometer and blood glucose meter.

Device/System Features

  • Medical concern button for early detection
  • Long-range, water-resistant wrist/neck pendant with 24/7 emergency response
  • Personal reminders matched with medication schedules, treatments and appointments
  • Critical activity monitoring preset two different times to acknowledge that the older adult in your life is well and alert
  • Real-time GPS check-ins with geo-positioning technology to pinpoint your aging loved one’s location so responders can be sent
  • Easy-to-use system takes the hassle out of recording blood sugar and pressure, weight, temperature, pulse and oxygen