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Nov 30, 2022

Southern California Seniors Love College Football Season

Written By: Tom Crowe
Senior showing Home Instead CAREGiver an old camera

Fall always brings college football, which means people coming together for game day. This can be helpful for those in senior care. Newbury Park, CA residents have lots to cheer for this fall.

Some will root with their live-in caregiver for the Bruins up at the University of California in Los Angeles. Others will root for the Trojans from the University of Southern California with their senior daycare. Newbury Park, CA residents may also root for a team from elsewhere in California, or even from another state.

But one thing is certain: college football gives people a great opportunity to gather on Saturdays. And that means a great senior home caregiver can really help with nutrition care. Newbury Park, CA seniors have a great partner in great elderly care in the compassionate, trained, licensed, and bonded CAREGivers of Home instead.

Our CAREGivers often are also big college football fans. So, they can provide home care assistance while also enjoying the game day. They can make sure that healthy and nutritious snacks are on the menu, they can figure out which channel the game is on, and root for their favorite team during the game!

But even on game day snacks need to be conscientious of dietary restrictions. And our CAREGivers would keep these considerations at the top of their minds. That’s what great senior care services do.

Such healthy snacks could include a dish of carrots, peppers, cucumber, cauliflower, broccoli, celery, tomatoes, and more. Snacks could include fruit salad, including as berries, banana slices, oranges, apples, pears, grapes, or other fresh fruit. Some snacks like chips, pretzels, cheese, and crackers, and some dips could also be included. But all processed foods should be carefully vetted, as these often are filled with unhealthy preservatives, too much salt, and other things that may not be compatible with your healthy diet.

Other considerations to make sure game day goes off without a hitch include beverages and, of course, making sure the game is on!

For those whose diets allow a beer or two during the game might make the atmosphere more festive. For others, seltzer water, iced tea, lemonade, or other fruit beverages can add something to the fun.

And then, of course, the final element is the game itself. If you are the sort who struggles with technology, finding the game and getting it on the television can be a daunting task. So many channels, so many remotes, so many games — how to find it!? This is another area where your CAREGiver can help. Between setting up a new TV and all the cable, streaming, and other content-providing subscriptions needed, to making sure on game day itself the game is available, it’s all part of the service that can be provided by the competent and caring CAREGivers of Home Instead.

So don’t miss the fun of college football season! Root on the Trojans, Bruins, or whichever team grabs your passion! And have a great fall and winter.

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