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Sep 21, 2021

Gerontologist Dr. Lakelyn Hogan Appears on The Dr. Oz Show

Dr Oz

Dr. Lakelyn Hogan, Home Instead gerontologist and caregiver advocate, recently appeared on The Dr. Oz Show and surprised a couple with six months of free Home Instead in-home care services for their loved one living with dementia.

After two years of caregiving for her mother-in-law, Julia, Chiquila Johnson was at a breaking point – overwhelmed from trying to balance the responsibilities of being a good mother and wife while still working a full-time job.

Husband Oliver, while working six days a week and providing Julia’s care during the overnight hours, didn’t have an outlet away from work and was emotionally burned out from not being able to communicate with his mom like he used to.

The in-home care from Home Instead not only provides the specialized dementia care services Miss Julia needs, but a much-needed break for Chiquila and Oliver to focus on themselves.

Watch the video to hear more of their story.

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