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Alzheimer's & Dementia Care in Magna, UT

Caring for someone with memory loss can take a considerable toll on family members, especially as the condition progresses. But finding support you can trust is challenging. That's where we come in. Home Instead provides full-service Alzheimer's care and dementia care designed to benefit the whole family.

We come to your loved one’s home to assess their needs and our team of memory care specialists in Magna will develop a customized support plan specifically for your family. This can include a combination of different services and is reconfigured regularly to meet your senior’s changing health and behavioral needs.

Home Care Services For Alzheimer’s and Other Dementias

At Home Instead, we believe that all seniors with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease deserve compassionate, caring support designed just for them. We also know that their families need help, both with the day-to-day tasks of assisting someone with memory loss and with understanding how the condition develops over time and what to expect. 

As a top provider of memory care in Magna, Home Instead can help seniors and aging adults with: 


Companionship is a core human need that elderly people often have a difficult time with. Individuals with Alzheimer’s or another type of dementia may struggle to remember the names of their friends, where they’re going, or they may even have trouble following a basic conversation between people. This makes it tough to maintain meaningful connections that meet the need of companionship. 

Home Instead’s companionship care serving Magna is designed to provide people struggling with memory loss the opportunity to engage in the activities they love with others without any pressure to remember specific things or act in any certain way. 

Although well-meaning, old friends may feel hurt when someone with dementia forgets their name or something important they did together. They may have expectations the senior can no longer meet, leading to disappointment on both sides. Even though the person with memory loss doesn’t know why their friend is upset or why the relationship feels different, they can often tell that it’s related to their inability to meet certain social expectations. 

Your loved one likely understands things have changed and it has to do with them, which creates a lot of shame, confusion, and panic. Having a companionship caregiver relieves your loved one of the challenges of dealing with people in their life who may have a hard time getting used to their condition while still meeting their human need for social interaction. 

Household Tasks 

Many people with Alzheimer’s disease or another type of dementia have difficulty completing certain home tasks. In the early stages of the condition, seniors may be able to live on their own and complete most daily tasks. For example, a senior may have a hard time remembering all the steps needed to make themselves a meal, but they might still do a great job at sweeping the floor. 

Our home helper services are tailored to your loved one’s specific needs and can be updated or changed at any time to fit with their fluctuating condition. Home Instead caregivers in Magna allow your loved one to do the things they are able to accomplish and our caregivers only step in where needed to ensure your family member can maintain a feeling of independence and retain important skills as long as possible. 

This includes but isn’t limited to: 

  • Making and serving meals 
  • Cleaning up the kitchen and washing dishes after meals 
  • Sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming floors 
  • Washing and folding clothes 
  • Feeding and taking out pets 
  • Checking the mail and assisting with bill pay 

In Magna, Home Instead care professionals can also help you make sure your loved one’s home continues to be safe for them as their condition progresses, like eliminating things that can be tripped on, identifying where guard rails and better lighting can be installed, putting latches on cabinet doors and drawers, and even helping you decorate with colors and patterns that aren’t confusing to seniors with dementia. 

Personal Care  

Unfortunately, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia are progressive conditions that get worse the longer a person has the illness. Seniors who start out being able to still make simple meals and complete short tasks may lose these abilities over time and can no longer live on their own.   

Home Instead caregivers can provide personal care services to seniors who have difficulty with basic tasks like bathing, eating, or dressing and grooming themselves. Our team undergoes intensive, multi-phase training to learn how to provide your loved one with the most dignified and compassionate support possible during a time when emotions about losing their independence is high.    

In many cases, our clients start with companion care when they are initially diagnosed and have a need for easy socialization without expectations. As the condition progresses, families enlist our home helper services and respite care to get assistance with household chores and an opportunity to get away and relax from time to time. When seniors lose more of their abilities, we can increase your loved one’s support to personal care services and find flexible solutions to meet your family’s new needs.   

Respite Care

Taking good care of yourself is the cornerstone of being able to take good care of your loved one. When you’re tired and burnt out, it’s easy to become impatient with a family member who experiences memory loss and confusion. You need time away to rest, recharge, and practice self care. How well you can support your loved one is directly impacted by how well you treat yourself, and you can only pour from an empty cup for so long. 

Our respite care services offer family the chance to step away from caregiving duties to stay and relax with your loved one or get out of the house to run important errands that can’t be done with your loved one in tow. Whether you’re going on vacation or just to the bank, you can trust that your family member is in the best possible hands with Home Instead in Magna. 

Home Instead caregivers undergo extensive, multi-phase training to learn how to provide kind, dignified, and compassionate elder care with a wide variety of symptoms and you can relax knowing we’re taking great care of your loved one.  

Do You Have A Loved One With Alzheimer’s Or Another Type of Dementia In Magna? Home Instead Can Help  

At Home Instead, we treat your loved one like our own family. We believe that seniors suffering from cognitive decline deserve special support designed for their unique condition. You need caregivers who understand the specific needs of seniors with dementia and memory loss and can provide your family member with dignified assistance. 

We strive to honor who your loved one was before their diagnosis and treat them with the same respect given to people without cognitive impairment. Our team encourages seniors to practice the skills they have and let go of the ones they’ve lost. 

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Whether you’re just in need of a quick break or are looking for a dementia care partner for your loved one, our team is able to offer the highest quality Alzheimer’s and memory support in Magna. Contact us today to learn more by dialing (801) 542-0405 and a team member will answer your important questions.

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