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In-Home Care Services Customized For You in Herriman, UT

Aging can be difficult and even scary for our seniors, but In-Home Care can help keep your loved one engaged and comfortable while they go through this stage of their life. At Home Instead West Jordan, UT, our Care Professionals focus on what in-home care you need, by offering customizable program to assist Herriman seniors and their families. Whether a senior needs the occasional helping hand or comprehensive elder care, Home Instead is here to help them safely remain at home with their loved ones.

A study by Home Instead® found a vast majority of older adults (86%) want to stay in the home for as long as possible. Home Instead West Jordan, UT puts aging safely in the home first for our clients. Moving yourself or your aging loved one out of the home isn’t the only option when daily activities become difficult. It could, simply mean you need some help.

These are things to look out for when deciding if you or senior need In-Home Care Services.

  • Household bills start piling up
  • Reluctance to leave the house
  • Losing interest in meals
  • Declining personal hygiene
  • Declining driving skills
  • Scorched pots and pans
  • Possible signs of depression
  • Missed doctor’s appointments and social engagements and isolation
  • Unkept house
  • Losing track of medication

If you notice these signs, this could be an opportunity to have some conversations that result in more help at home. Having conversations together as a family is the best first step to determine what type of care and how much care may be needed. Making the change to have in-home care may be scary for aging adults as no one wants to feel like they are losing control of their life and independence. Starting with acknowledging the desire to remain home is a great way to discuss the options without overshadowing the end goal of determining how to keep a senior or aging adult at home safely. As conversations progress, having collective conversations together with the family and senior helps to ensure that the decision for in-home care is a joint effort and not something forced. It is important to make sure that you have the right in-home care provider for your family. Asking questions and understanding the information helps to confirm this change is a good fit and reinforces the feeling of comfort knowing you or the senior in your family is in good hands.

Does In-home Care Really Work For Me?

In-home care is a great option for a wide range of care needs. Whether it is respite care, help around the house or even Alzheimer’s & Dementia care there is help available to keep seniors their home. Staying in the home maintains seniors’ independence while providing them with the help they need.

At Home Instead West Jordan, UT, we will work with you to customize a plan from our wide range of services that addresses your specific in-home care needs. Our team is equipped to provide the service necessary to achieve our goal of allowing seniors the opportunity to age gracefully in their home.

Contact us today at (801) 542-0405 or view our available services in Herriman to start your personalized care plan.

Home 24-Hour Care:

The benefits of 24-hour home care cannot be ignored. Whether you turned to our 24-hour home care services because of its convenience, affordability, security, or proven ability to help those who are ailing recover more quickly, we are here for you.

Home Helper Services:

Receiving help with home tasks that are more difficult for seniors is often crucial to allowing seniors to continue to live in their home. Plus, our home helper services free up time for family caregivers to spend more quality time with their loved one. Home Helper services include cleaning, laundry, shipping, running errands and helping however we can.

Hospice Care Services:

Hospice Care is here to allow you and your loved ones the opportunity to spend those precious moments together while one of our care professionals over sees the comfort of you or your aging loved one.

Personal Care Services:

Personal Care Services include things that are outside a family’s comfort level. These services include bathing, shaving, grooming and toileting all so seniors can remain comfortable and dignified while aging at home.

Family Respite Care Services:

Despite every desire of the primary caretaker in a residence to be always there for their loved one, sometimes there just isn’t enough time in the day. Our caregivers are here to provide a safe and caring option to help Herriman seniors so that you can get the break you need.

Alzheimer’s & Memory Care:

Our caregivers are specially trained in our award-winning Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care program and can work with seniors and provide the assistance and encouragement to help them cope with the challenges of Alzheimer’s.

Contact Us Today For In-Home Care Services

Call us today at (801) 542-0405 and see how Home Instead can help you and your family. We are here to answer all your in-home care questions. We look forward to meeting you soon.
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