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Jan 27, 2022

Chronic Illness

Chronic Illness

So, you or a loved one has a chronic illness and it's time to consider care options. This can be a scary time for anyone, luckily there are tons of resources and options for most chronic illnesses now. Let's talk about these options and when they're appropriate.

The most intense and probably dreaded option for someone facing an illness is staying in a hospital or care facility full time, but this is only necessary for very severe illnesses and conditions. Most of the time hospitalization isn't the only option but it may be when certain factors come into play.

In situations where the illness severely affects a person's mobility and bodily functions, they may need constant care and attention. Conditions that require special monitoring or care that can only be administered by medical professionals may keep someone in a facility as well.

For families that are unable to offer the necessary care for a chronically ill loved one there are also dedicated living facilities. Halfway between a hospital and an apartment complex, these facilities offer a more comfortable experience than a hospital while maintaining a full staff to care for and track a loved one's condition.

Outside of these care facilities, there is the world of home care. Most chronic illnesses do not require constant scrutiny, thus most people can handle care at home. 

While much less intense than a care facility, there is still a lot to consider for home care. Most conditions require specific diets and regular medication. Renovations may be necessary to assist a patient suffering from mobility issues. Transportation may be necessary for someone who can no longer get around. There may even be specific medical equipment that needs to be installed in a home.

Sometimes the ill person can and would like to stay home but the resources just aren't there. The rest of someone's family may be too busy to offer proper care or the family may even live out of state and the person is unable to care for themself. In these situations, there are dedicated home care services.

Home care services will take people to and from appointments, help with shopping, perform grooming tasks, and more. These services can transform a chronically ill person's life. A good home care service will take away the pressure to make appropriate meal plans, monitor medication, and fret over all the little parts of chronic illness care.

The wide variety of services offered means that everyone can get a personalized plan and only receive the services they need. Home care is even tied to improved health and happiness in the ill and their families.
In the end, there is no one-sized fits all approach to chronic illness care. Hospital or care facilities are best for some, home care for others and a blended or hybrid approach is an option as well. Every person and condition requires unique care. 

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