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CAREGiver Awards & Recognition 

At Home Instead®, our success revolves around our CAREGiversâ„  – and we know it! We celebrate CAREGivers year-round in many ways: a note of appreciation, recognition in our employee newsletter, perhaps an impromptu office party.
Home Instead Caregiver helps senior man button shirt at home

Mim - January 2021 CAREGiver of the Month

Our CAREGiver of the Month is Mary (Mim)! Mim is a retired nurse who came to us last April, looking for a few caregiving shifts after 30 plus years as a nurse in various settings including hospice and assisted living. She was already busy in her retirement taking care of her grandkids. We were a month into the COVID-19 pandemic and grateful for her whatever help she could give. Little did she know how helpful she would be! Mim started right away with some caregiving shifts for a dear former client, whose daughter wrote the poem below in this newsletter. She writes that Mim ‘walked on water,’ and we agree! Just around that time our former Nurse Kathy W had to leave to care for her parents out of state, and Mim jumped in as our fill-in RN, ready and willing to help our elders. She continued with her caregiving shifts, but she also started doing our nursing assessments as the need popped up, always willing to figure out a time to fit them in or stop by the office to finish up some RN paperwork. Whether it’s a nursing visit or a caregiving shift, Mim’s calm, capable, friendly ways are a perfect fit wherever she goes. She’s a great communicator, mask and all. Her commitment and passion for helping others comes across at all times. How lucky we are to know her!

Maryse - February 2018 CAREGiver of the Month

Maryse has been providing Home Instead Norwood clients with her gentle, skilled care for a year, and she's been a CNA for over a decade. Her focus is always on her client's entire wellbeing - physical, mental and emotional. Maryse is softspoken and sweet with people, and very committed to her clients. She knows when to talk to clients and when to give them space, when to calm them down and when to make them laugh. Maryse is also extremely professional and has a great work ethic. Her clients are always well cared for and she keeps their homes neat and tidy. She makes good decisions and works well independently. Maryse also keeps in good touch by leaving us a general message when she clocks out - it's always reassuring to hear her tell us about her client in her kind, steady voice: "She is fine."

Brenda - January 2018 CAREGiver of the Month

Brenda has been making clients' lives better for a year and a half at Home Instead Norwood. We think she's probably been making people's lives better for her whole life - she's been a nanny, a private caregiver, and helped with a family cleaning business. She works hard, with heart. Her first client with us was a man diagnosed with frontal lobe dementia, so his judgement and functioning was starting to be impaired, though he still lived alone and independently. He had a dog that had accidents all over the place. Brenda would whip everything into cleanliness and order twice a week to start, then soon after, three times per week. Eventually he needed to move into a living situation with better support, and Brenda helped him organize and downsize his many possessions, and make the move. He was a divorced man with no family around - if Brenda hadn't been there to help him he never would have been able to make the transition as well as he did. Brenda now has two women clients. The one she's been with longer says she's a godsend. She needs very precise care, and Brenda gets all the details just right. Her most recent lady is a difficult one, but Brenda told us how she handles clients like this - she tries to find something in common with the person, and that gives her a way to identify with them, and to figure out how to make them feel better. That sounds like a textbook definition of empathy, and we feel all the wiser for having learned it from her.