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Nov 18, 2022

Home Instead Names 5 Regional Care Professionals of the Year

2022 Home Instead Regional Care Professionals of the Year

Throughout 2022, Home Instead Care Professionals have been a consistent light in the lives of the aging adults they serve.

This year Home Instead named 5 Regional Care Professionals of the Year who truly stood out, demonstrating compassion and exceptional care to the older adults and families they work with. Being named a Regional Care Professional of the Year is one of the profession’s highest honors and Home Instead’s highest accolade for our more than 100,000 Care Professionals worldwide

Each one of these Care Pros has impacted the lives of their clients, clients’ families and their local community with a commitment to life-changing care. The 2022 winners are: Trudie Bradley, Canada; Yvonne Schulte, Central Region; Ellen Stanton, Northeast Region; Irene Force, West Region; and Karen Hill, South Region.

"Expanding the world's capacity to care starts with the incredible connections created by exceptional individuals. These five Care Professionals go above and beyond to form incredible bonds and friendships that better the lives of others. They are a shining example to us all."

– Jeff Huber, Honor Chief Brand Officer and Home Instead CEO Emeritus

Regional Care Professionals of the Year

Trudie Bradley, Canada

2022 Regional Winner Trudie Bradley

Building trust is essential to the work of a Care Professional, and Bradley is a shining example, according to co-workers. Bradley earns the trust of her clients by learning how they like to be cared for. She takes time to understand their fears, comforting rituals, favorite things to do, then adjusts her approach to each client.

One couple that Bradley cared for were artists with a prized art studio. It was their sacred space. Bradley took a genuine interest in their art, made them feel special during a challenging time and found ways to integrate creativity into their care. As a result, the couple welcomed her into their art studio. They wouldn’t let anyone else visit their studio except for Bradley. This is just one example of how Bradley creates a calming and safe environment for her clients.

Yvonne Schulte, Central Region

2022 Regional Winner Yvonne Shulte

Schulte possesses the rare skill of understanding aging adults’ unique needs and finding clever ways to meet them.

One of her clients had an enormous love for horses – he had them his whole life. Once Schulte learned this, she called a nearby stable to see if they could stop by and watch the horses sometime. Schulte’s client was delighted watching the horses in the paddocks and shared stories of his life, horses and family. His family was so thankful that Schulte went above and beyond to bring their loved one joy.

Schulte even uncovered a hidden artistic talent from another client when she brought watercolors for a fun activity. Another client was reluctant to go on walks, but Schulte knew how important it was for her client to exercise. So, she turned a walk around the client’s home into a tour of a foreign city. Her creativity and ability to think outside the box really set her apart as a Care Pro.

Ellen Stanton, Northeast Region

2022 Regional Winner Ellen Stanton

Stanton has an unwavering dedication to her clients and their families and an eagerness to learn and grow as a Care Professional. Stanton consistently makes her clients feel safe and understood during challenging or intimidating times of their lives

One client with late-stage dementia needed 24/7 care, and Stanton was happy to take the lead as the main Care Professional. Although the specific needs would require a learning curve for Stanton, she put her heart and soul into understanding the disease and how to support the client and family.

No matter the situation, Stanton is calm and patient. Whenever her client feels stressed or agitated, Stanton is quick and confident as she helps them calm down through music therapy or reading. She loves helping her clients feel like their best selves.

Irene Force, West Region

2022 Regional Winner Irene Force

With endless compassion, Force makes a profound difference in the lives she touches. Whether she’s discovering new, meaningful activities to engage clients, supporting the Alzheimer’s Association at a watermelon-eating contest or raising her hand to train or mentor new Care Pros, Force is always looking for ways to share her heart.

She is quick to go above and beyond, specifically when it comes to listening and problem-solving.

One client lived alone and was feeling increasingly anxious at night. The client mentioned it to Force, which opened a conversation. Through intentional questions and listening to her client’s specific concerns, Force learned that her client was leaving the front door unlocked overnight because she was worried about falling and not being able to let the Care Pros into her apartment in the morning.

Force was quick to validate her client’s feelings and offer a solution: a lockbox!

Karen Hill, South Region

2022 Regional Winner Karen Hill

Co-workers describe her as a standout leader, full of patience and empathy, making anyone who works with her feel respected and valued. She is strategic and thoughtful about ensuring all Care Pros are prepared to provide comprehensive care for shared clients.

She keeps a calendar in her client’s homes noting all appointments, what they’re for and detailed instructions for each and keeps fellow Care Pros up-to-date on any medication/dosage changes and possible side-effects for shared clients.

Hill is fantastic at keeping her clients engaged with their hobbies, passions and entertainment. She makes certain that her clients can still attend church, theater events, the salon, dinners, visits to out-of-town family members and more. When it’s harder for clients to get out and about, Hill invites community to uplift her clients.

Passionate About Caregiving

We received thousands of Care Pro recognition nominations from franchise owners, general managers and key players all across North America. Every single submission highlighted the unique value that Care Pros bring to the Home Instead network.

These Regional Care Pros of the Year, and our entire network of Care Professionals, are passionate about the life-changing work that they are doing. They are examples of the empathy, creativity, energy and compassion that care professionals show every day.

Learn more about becoming a Care Professional and joining the Home Instead family or find a Home Instead office near you.

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