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Remote Digital Monitoring with GrandCare 

GrandCare is a large touchscreen that is placed into your loved one’s residence. It is a source of information and communication with pictures, videos, games, trivia, weather/news, simple video chatting and reminders.

In addition, our caregivers can simply log in or check the GrandCare app to add communications or check on activity, medications or health readings. They can also get alerts if something seems amiss (e.g. your loved one didn’t take their medications, their blood pressure is too high, they didn’t get out of bed, or they’re not moving around normally). And vital can be easily exported at the request of health care providers and doctors.

Most important, GrandCare requires zero computer knowledge for it to become an important part of your loved one’s daily life…and care.

Connected Living + Proactive Home Care = Empowered Independence

2021 GrandCare home screen angled

What is GrandCare?

  • Large touch-based appliance
         •  Optional telehealth add-ons
         •  Optional activity sensors
  • HIPAA virtual video chat
  • Family messaging, chat
  • Games, weather, trivia

Family & Providers log in to GrandCare's web portal or iOS app to securely video chat, share messages, reminders, photos, videos and monitor sensors if applicable.

Virtual Connection & Fun

Family Log-In: No Equipment Needed

Add-on Bluetooth® Telehealth Devices

Add-on Activity Monitoring Devices

Ideal for Independent Living or Independent Homes

  • Did resident get out of bed?
  • Is there excessive motion in the bathroom?
  • Did she access the kitchen at mealtime?
  • Did she take her medications?
  • Did she leave the front door open?
  • Is the home at a comfortable temperature?

Customized Alerts & Notifications

  • Customize your own notifications
  • Receive automated alerts
         •  (e.g. no motion, Meds not accessed, fever detected)

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If you need Remote Digital Monitoring Services for your loved one, call Home instead of Santa Clarita, CA today! With the GrandCare system, you'll truly have peace of mind!
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