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Care Professional Awards & Recognition

At Home Instead®, our success revolves around the work of our Care Professionals – and we make sure they know it! We celebrate Care Pros year-round through: notes of appreciation, recognition in our employee newsletter, flowers, extra time off, and even impromptu office parties.

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Do You Know Someone With A Caring Heart?

We all have that someone who is a natural born caregiver. If you know a friend or family member that would make an outstanding Care Pro, someone who would easily receive a standing ovation from Home Instead, please share the career opportunity - we’d love to meet them!

March 2023 Care Pro of the Month: Angela M.

March 2023 Care Pro of the Month - Angela

A round of applause for Care Pro Angela M. You have been chosen as March's Care Pro of the Month! Angela came to us in August of 2022. From the beginning, she has excelled in her role even with challenging clients. Angela is very reliable making sure that her clients get the care that they need; going above by staying with a client during a medical emergency and taking care of her pets while she was in the hospital. One of her clients shared, "She loves Angela so much, she cares and supports me."

Congratulations Angela, you are living out Home Instead's Mission Statement by Exceeding Expectations through the Care you provide!

January 2023 Care Pro of the Month: Phyllis D.

January 2023 Care Pro of the Month - Phyllis

Phyllis joined Home Instead on 10/26/2022. She has been an independent caregiver for personal clients, as well as caring for her father-in-law and grandmother. One of her current assignments is an overnight shift with a long-time client. Phyllis is always on time, in fact, usually early to her shifts and has already built a close relationship with that client. She is also one of the first CPs to respond to our requests for last minute fill-in shifts, taking on a variety of clients to date. She has an infectious smile and a warm personality that encompasses all who meet her. She is also a crafts person. Our office was presented with her lovely tinsel Christmas Trees!

We greatly appreciate Phyllis’ exuberant willingness to provide service to any of our clients. Thank you, Phyllis!!

December 2022 Care Pro of the Month: William “Bill” H.

Dec 2022 Care Pro of the Month - Bill

A huge round of applause to William “Bill” H. our December’s Care Pro of the month. Since joining Home Instead Bill has quickly become a reliable, resourceful and inventive Care Pro for his client. He client was declining when Bill began working with him. Now they go for outings and lively conversations. His client is thriving under Bill’s care and has become a trusted friend.

Thank you, Bill for sharing your vitality with your client and our Staff. You truly are making a difference in the lives of Seniors! God Bless You!

November 2022 Care Pro of the Month: Shelby S.

Nov 2022 Care Pro of the Month - Shelby

Shelby joined Home Instead on 12/13/2021.   She has been an independent caregiver in Daycare settings for over 30 years.  She provided care for family members, as well including her father-in-law and grandmother.  Her current assignment is with a long-time client who enjoys working out every day at our local YMCA and Aquatics Center, which means she reports to her shift every weekday morn at 4:30a to accompany him on his workout and daily errands until early afternoon.  Shelby approaches her unique schedule with grace and good humor.  She is always on time and has built a close relationship with that client.  In fact, she usually volunteers to cover extra shifts when his other Care Pros need time off.

We greatly appreciate Shelby’s reliability and willing nature to provide service to our unique client. Thank you, Shelby!!!

October 2022 Care Pro Standing Ovation: Alice G.

Oct 2022 Care Pro Standing Ovation - Alice

Let's give a round of applause to Alice G.

Alice has cared for many Home Instead clients over the years. She is a GREAT example of what a true CARE PRO should be (loving, caring, reliable, thoughtful, proactive). The clients she has cared for over the last 16 years have always given high praise for her dedication to the clients and their families. She has even had a hand in making Dianne a better HR Manager and Service Coordinator! Well done Alice, we are thrilled to recognize you!

Care Pro Rookie Shout Out: Harlie

Care Pro Rookie Shout Out - Harlie

New CARE PRO Harlie stopped by the office today to share how much she loves her new client. We had the pleasure of sharing that the client feels the same way about her!

What a wonderful feeling it is knowing that your client is getting exceptional care and that our CARE PRO's are truly appreciated! Now that is a great day!

September 2022 Care Pro Standing Ovation: Carlos P.

Sept 2022 Care Pro Standing Ovation - Carlos

A huge shout out of September's CARE PRO of the Month, Carlos!

Carlos came to us back in June and has been a fan favorite. HR/Staffing Manager Dianne said "He is one of our CARE PRO's in a pinch that helps to ensure that his client has care, he is dependable and always has the best attitude." Recently Carlos went to a new client's home that was very resistant to care. By the end of the shift the client called to increase more hours with Carlos! Way to GO!!!!!

Carlos is living out our Mission Statement by Exceeding Expectations through the compassionate home care we provide!

August 2022 Care Pro Standing Ovation: Fredonia H.

Aug 2022 Care Pro Standing Ovation - Fredonia

Drum Roll Please.............. Congratulations to an extraordinary Care Pro Fredonia H., for being nominated CARE PRO of the Month!

Fredonia's devotion, strong work ethic and caring spirit shines greatly in her client's home.

HR/Staffing Manager Dianne says "Fredonia goes the extra mile to ensure that her clients' have care, it is evident how much she cares for them".

Thank you Fredonia for truly making a difference and being such a wonderful Home Instead Ambassador. We are so proud of you!