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Nov 02, 2022

Home Instead of Lewisburg Featured in The Daily Item!

Written By: Home Instead of Lewisburg, PA
Home Instead Lewisburg, PA featured in the Daily Item hero

Home Instead of Lewisburg, PA was thrilled be be featured in a recent article appearing in The Daily Item--a daily newspaper that covers the Central Susquehanna Valley Region.

The Daily Item's Cindy O. Herman tackled an extensive piece on local services that can guide family caregivers and support seniors who need care.

Home Instead Owner, Joe DeLauter, was quoted extensively with valuable insights on when to seek care:

Joe DeLauter, owner of Home Instead, in Lewisburg, listed a number of indicators that it’s time to seek help. Watch for dings in a senior person’s car. If their clothes seem a little more rumpled or you notice piles of laundry, perhaps they’re having trouble accessing the laundry room on another floor. Watch for neglected household chores or bills not being paid.

Observing changes like these can be especially hard for adult children who live at a distance from their parents.

“When you talk to your folks on the phone, they seem like everything’s great,” DeLauter said, “But then you go to the house and notice that there’s not much in the fridge or there’s not really healthy things in the home. And you say, ‘What are you eating?’ Maybe they’re not driving anymore and they’re not going out to get groceries.”

There could be an odor of incontinence in the home that loved ones aren’t aware of. They might seem uninterested in current news, or perhaps they don’t engage in family conversations.

“Those are some of the signs that you might need to help your loved one,” DeLauter said.

Joe also detailed a Home Instead success story!

One family that Home Instead recently helped involved a woman whose mother started calling her at work between 11 and 3 o’clock every day. The woman tried to reassure her mother that she’d be stopping by after work, but still the calls continued, interrupting her job and making her employer unhappy. After hiring Home Instead, the calls diminished.

“We reminded the mother that we were there and so she was safe,” DeLauter said. “And that works for that family and for other families because people sometimes are scared. Depending on what their cognition is, they’re alone and they’re scared. That also helps our families, knowing there’s someone in the home with their mom or dad and they’re being taken care of.”

The entire article was excellent and a WONDERFUL resource for our local seniors! A huge Home Instead thank you goes out to Cindy O. Herman and The Daily Item for covering this topic that is so important for our local senior populations and the caregivers who work so hard to attend to their needs!

You can read the full article at the link below and we encourage you to do so!


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