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May 14, 2024

Excelsior Springs, MO Senior Resource Spotlight: Excelsior Springs Senior Center

Written By: Home Instead of Excelsior Springs, MO
Excelsior Springs, MO Senior Resource Spotlight Excelsior Springs Senior Center

At Home Instead, we like to feature local senior resources to educate seniors and families about the fantastic opportunities for support and care available in our community. This time, we are featuring the Excelsior Springs Senior Center, a spot for socialization, activities, and meals for seniors in Excelsior Springs, MO.

The Excelsior Springs Senior Center, located at 500 Tiger Dr, Excelsior Springs, MO 64024, welcomes people aged 60 and older, as well as those physically or mentally challenged between 18-59 years of age. The center offers a range of activities, including card games, fitness classes, and health programs, providing opportunities for social engagement and wellness.

Learn more about the Excelsior Springs Senior Center at their website HERE.

As we strive to provide the best home care in Excelsior Springs, MO, we will continue to showcase valuable resources and invite you to discover the opportunities available to seniors in our community.

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