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Apr 01, 2024

Caregivers of the Month - April 2024

Written By: Home Instead of Liberty, MO
Caregivers of the Month - April 2024 - Team of CP's (Tiffani, Susan, Brenda, Brandy)

For the month of April were doing something different and highlighting not one but a TEAM of Care Pros! We have many 24/7 clients, and it takes a well-oiled machine to support clients around the clock. This group of Care Pros are the perfect example of that. Displaying consistent and detailed communication with one another. Supporting with shift changes and days off. Even trading tips and tricks to provide the best care possible for the client. We all know caregiving is usually a “solo” job and it can be an adjustment working with others. From the start this team has had the same common goal, giving our clients the best possible care, and that's why we’re celebrating them!! Thanks for all that you do ladies!!

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