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Care Professional Awards & Recognition

At Home Instead®, our success revolves around the work of our Care Professionals – and we make sure they know it! We celebrate Care Pros year-round through: notes of appreciation, recognition in our employee newsletter, flowers, extra time off, and even impromptu office parties.

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Do You Know Someone With A Caring Heart?

We all have that someone who is a natural born caregiver. If you know a friend or family member that would make an outstanding Care Pro, someone who would easily receive a standing ovation from Home Instead, please share the career opportunity - we’d love to meet them!

Meet Our CAREGivers

Mary Russel

Mary Russell - October 2022 CAREGiver of the Month

Please help us congratulate Mary, our October Care Pro of the month! We are incredibly blessed to have Mary as a part of our Home Instead family since 2011!
Mary is an extraordinary Care Pro, taking the lead with a client that has no family around. This client has been able to stay healthy at home because Mary has almost become like a daughter. She handles everything in the home, from shopping, meal prep for other Care Pro’s, setting up appointments and providing the intellectual stimulation with books and educational videos that she knows her client benefits from the most! The office is extremely grateful to have Mary onboard with that client. Not only does she give the family peace of mind, but also the office, knowing every aspect of this client's care is addressed properly!
Mary is also a book author, which, low and behold, this client was a producer of documentaries for the BBC/PBS. They have so much in common.
We thank you Mary, for your remarkable dedication and attention to detail!
Roger Dobson

Roger Dobson - September 2022 CAREGiver of the Month

Please help us congratulate Roger, our September 2022 Care Pro of the month! Roger has essentially been with our Home Instead family since 2016. Over and over, Roger has proven to be respectful and kind to not only his clients, but to the office staff as well! He will adjust his schedule to accommodate his clients and accepts extra shifts when he can. Roger is easy-going, never getting upset or disrespectful when in difficult situations. Above all, we commend him for never forgetting his client’s needs. He cares immensely and that shows through the tremendous efforts he makes. Thank you, Roger, for your constant communication, your dedication to your clients and for being the companion that so many of our clients need!

Shola Olajide

Shola Olajide - August 2022 CAREGiver of the Month

Please help us congratulate Shola, our August Care Pro of the month! Shola has been a part of the Home Instead family now for two and a half years, proving her stability and dedication the entire time. She has even found ways to get to her client when her car was being worked on! Shola is incredible with dementia clients, providing comfort to the client and peace to the family. Shola was also part of a team of Care Professionals for a short-term client recently and the son had to say this..."every single caregiver was on time, professional, ready to work and above all, compassionate and caring. The whole experience of working with Home Instead was amazing. We are so grateful to have this company and these folks in our community." Thank you, Shola, for being a pivotal part of our team! We truly appreciate you! Congrats!

Jerimel Pugh Archer

Jerimel Pgh Archer - July 2022 CAREGiver of the Month

Please help us congratulate Jerimel, our July Care Pro of the month! We will often mention the longevity of a Care Pro. However, this month, we are honoring Jerimel, having proven himself in one short year. He is very pleasant, always shows up for his shifts, goes above and beyond and cares about his clients. Having only been with two clients in the year he has been with us, he has proven his dedication to each one. He makes families feel comfortable with his skills and is extremely reliable to the office, and for that, we are extraordinarily appreciative. Congratulations Jerimel, for a great first year! We look forward to working with you for many more years!

carolyn walls

Carolyn Walls - June 2022 CAREGiver of the month

We love longevity here at Home Instead. This is yet another month of honoring another CAREGiver who not only has been a wonderful all-around caregiver but has also been with us for almost seven years! In her seven years with us, Carolyn has been a long-standing part of many families lives. Once she steps foot in the door, she can adjust to whatever the needs are. From seeing a client be alert and physically active to being bed-bound, Carolyn doesn’t hesitate. She does it all. She is currently a blessing to a family who says there is a huge difference with their mom and how she is doing since Carolyn started. She is a great match and has made a big impact with her care! They say mom is like a different person now that Carolyn is with her. She is her buddy. Thank you, Carolyn for your consistency that families depend on! Congratulations on your award of CAREGiver of the month for June!!!

Jean Taylor

Jean Taylor - May 2022 CAREGiver of the Month

Please help us congratulate Jean, our May CAREGiver of the month! Jean has successfully been a part of the Home Instead family for just a couple months short of 10 years! In that time, Jean has proven to be dependable, trustworthy, and able to form long-standing relationships with clients and their families. One family recently wrote us a lengthy letter.

"Jean has been absolutely vital in the care of mom. Jean has been a consistent and caring friend. She has always gone above and beyond what we expect from a caregiver and our expectations are high! During this whole mess with COVID, Jean has proven repeatedly how much she cares. She provides incredible peace of mind. Knowing we would have a loving and caring person for mom was so very important to us. Jean also made it a priority not to miss any of her shifts."

Thank you, Jean, for your extraordinary dedication and compassion to our families. You are incredibly appreciated!

Trudy McGrane

Trudy McGrane - April 2022 CAREGiver of the Month

Please help us congratulate our April CAREGiver of the month, Trudy!!! Trudy has been a part of the Home Instead family since August of 2019. Trudy has been tremendously reliable. We have heard comments from her clients including being called a client’s “everything; she is so very kind and thoughtful.” Another client told us she has been a good constant for him, and she is a good cook! Finally, Trudy proved her dependability this winter by trudging out in the snow, to cover a shift for a lady who couldn’t be alone. Unfortunately, because of the frightening weather, we had several open shifts and Trudy came through for us. She went above and beyond, traveling in the snow and staying the night so she could be there for her client in the morning. This is the kind of dedication that our clients and their families are SO incredibly grateful for! Thank you, Trudy, for your commitment and passion to help! We appreciate you!!!!


March 2022 CAREGiver of the Month

Please help us in congratulating Tammy, our March CAREGiver of the month! Tammy has been a faithful, dependable asset to Home Instead for over four years! We can depend on Tammy to make it to her shift, no matter the weather, even slipping and sliding this winter during our frightening snowstorms! In addition to showing up for her clients, she is excellent in each home while she is there. We have had many positive comments from client's family members over the years. One comment was "Tammy is a great fit for my father-in-law and is really chill, which is opposite of me....which is great! She can handle more than I can!"
We thank you Tammy. Your consistency and devotion to your clients and Home Instead means more than you know! Congrats!

Wilisha Warner

Wilisha Warner - February 2022 CAREGiver of the Month

Please help us congratulate our February CAREGiver of the month, Wilisha! Having been with us now well over a year, Wilisha has proven to be dependable, compassionate, and proactive. One client recently said "she goes above and beyond. You should write down everything Wilisha does and when you hire someone, tell them, this is what you need to do, just like Wilisha." One other example is just recently, her client was not her normal self. Even though the client was not agreeable, Wilisha took action, made the necessary calls and the client was medically treated appropriately. Thank you, Wilisha, for your determination to ensure your clients are cared for in the best way possible!
Eva West

Eva West - January 2022 CAREGiver of the Month

Please help us congratulate Eva West, our CAREGiver of the month for January 2022! Eva was nominated for her unwavering dedication to her clients, excellent personal care skills and willingness to help whenever needed. She treats her clients with respect and kindness and her smile brightens the day for everyone she encounters! In the past year since she started with us, we have heard time and time again how much our clients “Love their Eva” and want her in their home as much as possible! The bond that she has with a particular client is absolutely amazing. She has stated that "the sun rises and sets with Eva". She has shown, and continues to show, compassion, leadership, and knowledge throughout the time she has been with Home Instead and we are very grateful and appreciative of her!
Rip Brumell

Rip Brummell - December CAREGiver of the Month

Please help us congratulate Rip, our CAREGiver of the month for December as well as our chosen CAREGiver of the YEAR for 2021! Rip has been with us since June of 2014 and has been a stable figure with Home Instead ever since.
When Rip starts with a client, he usually ends up long-term. His personality allows him to connect easily with clients and their families, being easy going, funny and caring. We are always hearing positive remarks.
From companionship to heavy duty personal care and hospice, we know Rip can fill in anywhere. Not only is his span of abilities to care extensive, but he is also willing to cover a significant geographical territory.
In addition to his in the home tasks, he is constant with trainings offered from the office, attending meetings and being overall responsible with obligations from the Home Instead.
In general, Rip can be relied upon, which is so incredibly important in this industry. Knowing that he will be there for our clients and their families, who put their trust in us, gives everyone extraordinary peace of mind. We thank you Rip, for all you do, each day. Everything you do counts!
Betty Sakyiama

Betty Sakyiama - November 2021 CAREGiver of the Month

Ready, willing, dependable, trustworthy.... those are just some of the positive adjectives used to describe our November CAREGiver of the month! Please help us congratulate Betty, the epitome of a workaholic! If she is awake, she wants to be with our clients! We are so grateful for her, time after time, coming through, filling last minute emergency open slots. Not only is she someone we can depend on to be there for us, but she is also great at what she does! Betty is extremely skilled at caring for clients; from simply connecting through conversation, to providing the most intimate personal care.  Her tasks are completed effortlessly! Thank you, Betty! We appreciate you a great deal!
kathy cummings

Kathy Cummings - October 2021 CAREGiver of the Month

Please help us congratulate Kathy, our October CAREGiver of the month! Kathy has almost been a part of the Home Instead family for almost two years and has been a proven asset to our clients! Kathy has always been dependable, attentive, and caring. This past year, she was placed with a client who calls Kathy her "second mother." It is quite impressive to see the two of them interacting. With Kathy spending 40 hours a week with this client, she certainly knows the ins and outs of every aspect of her client's care. Kathy ensures our client gets to all her therapy and Dr. appointments. They have become fast friends! Thank you, Kathy, for your dedication to our client. Peace of mind is had by us and the families you care for!
Erica Cornish

Erica Cornish - September 2021 CAREGiver of the Month

Please help us congratulate Erica, our September CAREGiver of the month! Having just celebrated three years with Home Instead, Erica is an extremely valuable part of our team! Erica has been a vital part of several families lives, with one family relying heavily on Erica's expertise. Erica has been able to keep this couple independent by providing delicious meals, cleaning, ensuring they take their medications, running errands, scheduling appointments, and make certain they get everywhere they need to be. As one of our client's children recently said, "we want Erica caring for us and keeping us straight some day!" She is an absolute treasure, thorough and highly reliable! Thank you, Erica for all you do! We are fortunate to have you as a part of our team!
Iris Adams

Iris Adams - August 2021 CAREGiver of the Month

We are thrilled to announce that Iris Adams is our August 2021 - CAREGiver of the Month! When asked about Iris, the office staff gushes that she has the real heart of a CAREGiver. Not only is she reliable and professional, but she connects quickly with each client she is sent to. They relate to her and trust her almost instantly. She treats each of her clients as if they were her own family, and they soon adopt her into their hearts. She is so deserving of this recognition, and we can't thank her enough for being such a reliable, compassionate, and diligent CAREGiver.

On behalf of the office and your clients, thank you so very much, Iris, for all that you do!
Cherylynn Johnson

Cherylynn Johnson - July 2021 CAREGiver of the Month

Please help us congratulate Cherylynn, our July CAREGiver of the month! Cherylynn has been a part of the Home Instead family since November of 2017. She is kind, compassionate and dedicated. She is so dedicated in fact, that she has been with the same client since December of 2018! Cherylynn fulfills not one, but two shifts a day, five days a week for this client. Cherylynn keeps her client active and lively, taking her out shopping, which she loves! Finally, we admire the fact that Cherylynn is loyal and committed, never stating that she can’t complete her shift. Thanks, Cherylynn for your consistency! We and the family appreciate you! This award is well deserved!!! 
Gloria Berry

Gloria Berry - June 2021 CAREGiver of the Month

We would like to CONGRATULATE Gloria Berry for being our June Caregiver of the Month!
We would like to recognize Gloria for her integrity, honesty, and hard work that she has put in while working with us. It does not go unnoticed. Gloria is very compassionate, and she is an exceptional caregiver who always goes above and beyond to provide excellent caregiving services to each client that she works with.
Gloria is many things, but most importantly she is sweet, kind, and respectful to everyone around her. She is enthusiastic about her job and a very caring, dependable, and compassionate caregiver. Gloria has a caring heart and truly loves being able to be help our clients in their homes.
Thank you so much Gloria for all that you do for our clients! We are all so happy you to have you on our team!
Ann Gerhart

Ann Gerhardt - May 2021 CAREGiver of the Month

Congratulations to the May 2021 CAREGiver of the Month, Ann Gerhardt, who has been with us for 11 years! Ann won CAREGiver of the Year back in 2011 and has been consistent every year since. She is reliable and always willing to help by picking up last-minute shifts when she can. We are constantly impressed by the care she provides and her ability to go above and beyond to put her clients first. Several clients and their loved ones have called and attested to Ann as a highly experienced, knowledgeable, caring, reliable, and helpful caregiver. They also expressed that she is someone who overall has a great heart, and we could not agree more! Thank you, Ann, for being such an integral part of our Home Instead team!
sandy ringgold

Sandra Riggold - April 2021 CAREGiver of the Month

Sandra has been with us since January 2013 and truly exemplifies the true meaning of a CAREGiver. She cares for each of her clients as if they were her own family and has such a strong work ethic. She works hard to ensure every one of her clients’ needs are met, physically and emotionally.

We are so grateful to have her as a committed member of our team! Her clients rave about her and we are thrilled to be able to recognize her hard work and dedication.

Sam Taylor - March 2021 CAREGiver of the Month

Please help us congratulate Sam, our March CAREGiver of the month! Sam is a long-standing part of the Home Instead family, having just celebrated his sixth year with us. Sam comes to mind as a match for so many clients who share a light-hearted personality! Not only can Sam connect on a personal level, but he is also quite qualified, having many years' experience working with patients in nursing homes. He is dependable, trustworthy, and dedicated. We are always confident sending Sam into homes where care may be slightly more intense. Thank you, Sam, for all your hard work! The Home Instead family appreciates you greatly!
tama wilmer

Tama Wilmer - February 2021 CAREGiver of the Month

We would like to announce that Tama Wilmer is our February 2021 CAREGiver of the month. We have awarded Tama with this honor because of the dedication she has shown to her clients, as well as her unwavering care and kindness.  She has such a warm and caring heart and is very committed to her clients. Tama truly goes above and beyond each and every day and certainly embodies the values that Home Instead strives for.  Congratulations Tama for a job well done! ♥ 

corrine brown

Corrine Brown - January 2021 CAREGiver of the Month

Please help us congratulate the CAREGiver of the Month, Corrine Brown, for her integrity, honesty and hard work that she has put in while working with us. It doesn’t go unnoticed. Corrine is very compassionate, and she is an exceptional CAREGiver who always goes above and beyond to provide excellent caregiving services to each client that she works with.
Corrine is many things, but most importantly she is sweet, confident and respectful to everyone around her. She is enthusiastic about her job and is very caring, dependable, and makes families feel as ease in what is most often an emotional time. Corrine has a caring heart and truly loves being able to be help our clients age with dignity in their homes.
thresa brown

Thresa Brown - 2020 CAREGiver of the Year

Having had her own significant losses in life, Thresa is full of compassion, not only as a CAREGiver, but simply as a human being.  Thresa can reach the depths of others' feelings, difficulties, and challenges having had them herself and she still SHOWS UP.

A huge THANK YOU, Thresa, for ALL you do!!!! ♥