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Find fulfillment through a career as a senior CAREGiver 

"I feel a genuine sense of care and concern for us as Employees. Staff are polite and try to help you feel good about what you're doing. I have worked in a lot of places, but this is the first company I've worked for that has treated me with respect and makes me feel my work is appreciated!"

- Sandy (Care Professional)

Home Instead Caregiver and senior woman sort through mail together at home

Care Professional Profile

Hear from one of our own Care Professional

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My Favorite Part of the Job:

“My clients are so special,” Emily expressed. “We need to love them and care for them and meet their needs. If we can meet every need they—and their families—have, then I think we’ve succeeded totally.”

Emily navigates caregiving beautifully. “Sometimes as people age, things get a little more difficult,” she said. “I just pray that I love them, because they deserve to be loved and treated well.”

And so, Emily loves and cares for her clients as she would her own parents. This is her second guiding principle: Treat every client like it was your mom or dad. She’s done this with all the beloved seniors she’s worked with, even before coming to Home Instead more than 12 years ago.

It’s no wonder Emily’s clients feel so at ease under her care – and why she was nominated for North American Care Professional of the Year. She treats these individuals as equals – people whom she needs as much as they need her. “I’ve not only enjoyed being their Care Professional, but I’ve enjoyed being their friend all these years,” she said.  At the end of the day, I just think it’s important for seniors to be loved and encouraged.

“I do this by just being me.”

Home Instead CAREGiver of the Year Award

Meet North American CAREGiver of the Year finalist Emily Bressette from our Granville, Ohio office. Emily has an ability to seamlessly transform her caregiving relationships into loving friendships and her clients have thrived under her care.

One of her former clients was very ill when Emily came into his life. But, after several years with Emily, this client has overcome his health issues and now lives alone. “I’m just so happy to share that he’s in very good condition,” says Emily. “He’s doing extremely well!”

Another client lived well into her 90s with Emily as her CAREGiver. The two shared a treasured friendship, bonding over their love of bird watching. “She was such a wonderful lady,” says Emily. “She was one of my most special clients.” Congratulations and thank you, Emily for your compassion and service to older adults in your community.

Regional CAREGiver of the Year Finalist: Emily

Looking for Professional CAREGivers in these cities and the surrounding Granville, OH area.

Newark, Zanesville, Heath, Granville, Johnstown, Pataskala, Hebron and Dresden

You are a CAREGiver

Home is so much more than we think it is. It's where we make our best memories, feel safe, comfortable and loved. It's where we want to live out our lives. Join the Home Instead family to give the comfort of home to aging adults and learn what it feels like to help change someone's life.


Senior Care CAREGiving Q&A

A: I make scheduled visits to seniors’ homes to provide companionship and help them with everyday tasks. Sometimes that means going to their family home, and other times it means serving them in a care facility.

A: Every day is different, and I love that variety! One day I might be cooking lunch and playing cards with a client, and the next day I may be helping a different client. No matter what tasks I’m performing, I leave each shift with a deep sense of accomplishment.

A: That’s easy! Home Instead doesn’t require previous caregiving experience. Their training program is so thorough that I learned everything I needed to know to provide confident care right away. All I had to bring to my interview was a compassionate heart.