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In-Home Care Services in Crozet, VA

What happens when completing daily tasks or activities is more challenging and time consuming on a consistent basis? It happens often as we age, especially in the senior population. This can lead to increased stress, frustration and even depression over time. Help with activities can provide a sense of relief and foster independence. In-Home Care can do just that-- provide relief by maintaining a level of independence at home. The goal of In-Home Care is to keep your loved one engaged and comfortable while they adjust to this new stage of life. Home Instead Charlottesville, VA, offers a customizable program to help Crozet seniors and their families with in-home care. Whether a senior needs the occasional helping hand or more comprehensive and detailed plan, we are here to help.

A study by Home Instead® found that 86% of older adults want to remain in their home for as long as they can. We at Home Instead Charlottesville, VA put safety and dignity first while helping our seniors stay in their home. However, how do you know that it is even time to make that choice?

These are things to look out for when deciding if you or aging loved one need In-Home Care Services.

  • Household bills start piling up
  • Reluctance to leave the house
  • Losing interest in meals
  • Declining personal hygiene
  • Declining driving skills
  • Scorched pots and pans
  • Possible signs of depression
  • Missed doctor’s appointments and social engagements and isolation
  • Unkept house
  • Losing track of medication

It may be time to talk about more assistance at home if you notice any of these signs. It is important to have this conversation as a family. This change to accepting help may be scary for you or your aging loved one. Getting help with daily tasks can be seen as a loss of independence or freedom. Uniting everyone involved with the goal of keeping the aging adult at home is a great way of calming these nerves and working towards supporting the person in need. As this plan develops, it is essential to get the buy in of the family and the senior to ensure they know this is a collective choice. Once everyone is on the same page, you can turn your focus to picking the best fit for in-home care and asking the important questions. The choice to keep a senior in the home is to aid in their comfort as they age, so you need to be comfort with where you choose to get the necessary help.

Does In-home Care Fit My Needs?

A wide range of needs can be supported through in-home care. From respite care to Alzheimer’s & Dementia care or hospice care, Home Instead can provide the assistance seniors need to remain in their home.

We will work with you to create a custom elder care plan that addresses your specific care needs with a focus of remaining in-home. Our Care Professionals have been trained to meet your specific needs to help seniors age gracefully and comfortably at home.

Contact us today at (434) 979-4663 or view our available services in Crozet​​ to start your custom care plan.

Home 24-Hour Care Services:

Whether you desire our 24-hour home care services because it's affordable, convenient, offers security for your loved one, or proven to help ailing patients recover more quickly, the benefits of 24-hour home care cannot be ignored.

Home Helper Services:

Our Care Professional Home Helpers are trained to provide the assistance needed to take of the daily tasks that have simply become too much. Let us take care of the laundry, let us tidy up the home, let us run the errands, so that you can focus on spending quality time with your loved one.

Home Hospice Care Services:

Everyone deserves the peace that comes from having a professional see to the family’s comfort so everyone can focus on making the most of precious time together.

Personal Care Services:

Home Instead Charlottesville, VA provides a familiar and empathetic caregiver to help with the uncomfortable aspects of aging. We will provide the assistance need to maintain a senior’s dignity as the mature.

Respite Care Support:

Our respite care is a customized service to best fit your needs and schedule. Whether your loved one just wants someone to talk or needs more assistance, we at Home Instead are here to provide the support for families in Crozet​​. Your senior will be in great care while you take care of what you need.

Alzheimer’s & Memory Care Services:

As pioneers in this field, Home Instead developed the critically acclaimed CARE program. We ensure the highest quality dementia care through consistent research and Care Professional training, so that Crozet​​ seniors with dementia can feel safe and comfortable at home.

Contact Us Today For In-Home Care Services

Call us today at (434) 979-4663 and see how Home Instead can help you and your family. We are here to answer all your in-home care questions. We look forward to meeting you soon.
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