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May 01, 2024

Care Professional of the Month - April 2024

Written By: Brian Lahm for Home Instead of Philadelphia
April Care Pro of the Month Brandi R

Brandi’s Skillful Persuasion Wins the Day With Client

Home Instead® Care Professional of the Month Brandi Rexrode ought to copywrite her uniquely wise senior-care phrase: “Four hands are better than two.” Along with a broad smile and gentle voice, Brandi relies on that phrase often when she’s helping a client who is strong-willed but yet has a sweet nature.

“One of my clients wants to be as independent as possible. She often rejects my help even though she needs it. When I see her doing things that give me pause as far as her safety is concerned, I first encourage her and then help in ‘her way’ as I like to put it. By that, I mean I help her do things the way she likes to do them. When we have the interaction of me helping her, I say, ‘Four hands are better than two.’ She reacts with a smile, a laugh and a ‘thank you,’” Brandi explained.

“When we go for a walk, she needs to use a walker, but she doesn’t enjoy doing so. As a result, I’ll hold onto one side and walk alongside her. I jokingly say, ‘I need it, too.’ We get a good laugh from that,” added Brandi, whose emphasis on a lighthearted approach to caregiving has been a game-winner during her six months with Home Instead of Philadelphia.

As far as Brandi is concerned, her independent-minded client is a true gem and rich source of information. “She is from a different country, and she makes different dishes from her culture. She enjoys the fact that I ask her how to cook those dishes. She beams when I ask her what they are called, as well as other culinary questions,” said Brandi, whose successful attempts at bonding with the client have resulted in a rich relationship.

Brandi added: “We also spend time watching movies from her culture in her language. I’ve learned a lot from her. It’s always a pleasure to learn new things from her. She enjoys teaching me, even at her age. It’s a win-win because we both enjoy it.”

Brandi pointed out that she felt like a winner when she went online and discovered the award-winning Home Instead franchise, which is co-owned by Chief Executive Officer Steve Levin and Chief Operations Officer Charlea Lyn Grieco.

“I’ve always wanted to walk down this path of helping others, and Home Instead gave me the opportunity to do just that,” Brandi said. “Home Instead stands for something very valuable of which I wanted to be a part. I want to help our franchise to grow, if possible. The Home Instead office staff has created an environment that’s amazing.”

Brandi smiled broadly when Service Manager Janelle Muhlanga announced she had been honored as the Home Instead franchise’s Care Pro of the Month for April. With Brandi’s easygoing-yet-firm personality, she has displayed Home Instead’s guiding principles of “Build Trust, Take the Lead and Share Your Heart.”

“The favorite part of my job by far is that I get to help people who are in need. This world is unfair at times and presents many challenges that can be shocking because they were not anticipated. I love that my job allows me to help my clients and spend time with them. I love making them happy and joyful,” Brandi said.

As a family caregiver, Brandi has stepped up to help senior loved ones when they have encountered difficulties. “I have a family caregiving background because I took care of my father, who had diabetes and prostate cancer. I also took care of my stepmother, who had a stroke and sadly ended up paralyzed on one side. In addition, I helped my mother-in-law, who had a few health issues,” Brandi explained.

Brandi loves being a part of the Care Pro team for the Philadelphia franchise, a member of a network comprised of Home Instead, Inc. and its parent company, Honor. With the world’s largest home-care network and the most advanced care platform, Honor and Home Instead are revolutionizing care for older adults, their families and Care Pros. Combined, the network has more than 100,000 Care Pros across 13 countries, meeting the growing needs of millions of older adults and their families worldwide.

All Home Instead Care Professionals are screened, trained and insured. For inquiries about employment, please call (215) 925-4610 or apply online. For further information about Home Instead, visit our website.

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