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Dec 02, 2021

New Data Shows Most Americans Prefer Care in Home

Senior man with Home Instead CAREGiver

A newly released report from Moving Health Home shows most U.S. adults now prefer to receive their care in the home.

The survey was conducted by Morning Consult in response to federal pandemic guidelines that allowed for Medicare beneficiaries to be treated by such providers as Hospitals Without Walls (HWW) and Acute Hospital Care at Home (AHCAH) in their place of residence. It found that 70% were comfortable with being with in-home care and that it helped alleviate anxiety and improve communication.

Additionally, 73% said they were confident in the quality of care they would receive at home and 85% of those said they would recommend it to others.

“The survey confirmed what we have known from our work at Home Instead – people want to age in place and receive care at home,” says Jisella Dolan, Chief Advocacy Officer at Home Instead + Honor.

Read the entire Moving Health Home report.

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