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Safe and Compassionate Senior Home Care in Mission Hills California

Families looking for eldercare near Mission Hills, CA are in great shape. The team of trained, screened, and bonded CAREgivers of Home Instead are the best option for senior care services providing care for those with chronic health conditions, like dementia care, or things as simple as elderly companion care. And since Home Instead’s CAREgivers will provide care according to your loved one’s needs, families don’t need to sacrifice their own needs for those of their loved one. The best part is, with Home Instead’s innovative approach, aging and ill loved ones are able to remain in the comfort and dignity of their own home.

A Customizable Approach to In-Home Care

We all know that nothing can replace the comfort of home when we’re not feeling well. This is why families should trust Home Instead for their elder care services in Mission Hills, CA. Our approach begins with an assessment of the client’s needs. This could include things as simple as senior companion care, trips to the grocery store and pharmacy, and simple chores at the home. The in-home assessment could also indicate that more intensive care is needed, such as dementia care services. Either way, Home Instead will provide a plan custom-tailored to your family’s and your loved one’s needs. Then, as time goes on, our licensed, trained, and bonded CAREgivers can assess with the family if any changes to the plan might be needed.

With this combination, loved ones are cared for, the family is not burdened by the care, and the family can get back to being a family rather than an overwhelmed care network.

CAREGivers Relied Upon At Home and Internationally

This innovative approach to senior care isn’t something new and untried, however. Paul and Lori Hogan founded Home Instead in 1994 in Omaha, Nebraska. The Hogans began with a mission to help more aging loved ones to remain in the dignity and comfort of their homes, while also easing the caregiving burden on loved ones. This approach to elderly care services was and remains unique. It proved so popular that people in Japan decided they wanted to start a franchise of Home Instead there! So the same innovative approach to aging and adult services that Home Instead provides in Mission Hills, CA has been welcomed across the country, and overseas. The innovative methods they developed include prevention of disease, dementia care, and hospice support, plus a host of less-intensive residential assisted living services.

A Local Team Bringing the Expertise Home

This internationally renowned approach is brought to Mission Hills, CA by the local Home Instead franchise headed by Jim Trisch, RN. Mr. Trisch, a registered nurse, worked for more than 30 years in the healthcare field. He specialized in critical care, organ donation, and organ transplantation, eventually participating in executive leadership. In this capacity his his organizational skills developed further and he excelled. But the experience of helping his own mother when she became ill and needed more constant care, caused Mr. Trisch to evaluate the need for more elderly care services in the area. In Home Instead he found the approach to home care assistance that offered the most promise. He now operates the franchise locally, serving Studio City, Sherman Oaks, North Hollywood, Mission Hills, Valley Village,Van Nuys, Pacoima, and North Hills. Also on his leadership team are Mabel Lopez, Service Coordinator, and Cherisse Cruz, Staffing Coordinator. As a leadership team they oversee a wonderful team of compassionate screened, trained, and bonded CAREGivers.

To learn more about the services available in Mission Hills and to schedule a remote assessment, call (818) 805-2208 or contact Home Instead online today.