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It’s not always easy knowing where to start in the search for a quality home care agency for yourself or a loved one – the sheer number of options can be overwhelming, and finding the right agency is crucial to future happiness and well-being.

Read what other families in Whittier, CA have to say about Home Instead!

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May 20, 2021
5-star review - Posted by Luana D.
Everyone that helps me is very prompt and follows my instructions very well. I feel they try to over and above what is expected
May 19, 2021
4.5-star review - Posted by Michael K.
Very Good Caregiver for my Mom. Also Home Instead is very responsive if a change in schedule needs to made.
February 28, 2021
5-star review - Posted by VAHay
Home care provided to my mom has been a great experience both by the caregivers and the office/management team. Requests are met with a positive "can do" attitude. Home Instead has proven to both flexible (i.e. care hours, grocery handling) and reliable (i.e. on-time, appointment companionship) to meet her needs. Communications and coordination of care activities is made easy which is a comfort as I live in another state.
February 2021
5-star review - Posted by Cindy Y.
This company is the best. The staff are friendly and helpful! The caregivers are so amazing and caring. I consider our caregiver as a family member. I highly recommended this company to care for your loved ones!
December 2020
5-star review - Posted by Janet E.
Home Instead Senior Care is an excellent service for those in need of a caregiver. I love the flexibility; sign up and then use them as needed. The minimum amount of hours is very fair. All the caregivers are proficient, caring and kind. They are always punctual and available even at the last minute. I heartily recommend their services.
November 21, 2020
5-star review - Posted by Redgi
The caregivers were very loving. They not only provided the necessary care and support but also supplied companionship. I was especially thankful for everyone's flexibility in adjusting changes in care needs and schedules.
November 2020
5-star review - Posted by Cesarea A.
Excellent and personalized service.
May 2019
5-star review - Posted by Hoshichiro I.
Home Instead Whittier has (HIW) been a lifesaver for me! My husband and I were still working when my father first needed help. HIW gave me a wide-ranging choice of caregivers. Every candidate was reasonable and competent. There were also caregivers available 24/7. HIW was also very helpful and cooperative in providing information I requested. HIW has the wide ranging experience with elderly care that allows them to provide wonderful suggestions and guidance. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND Home Instead Whittier!
December 19, 2018
5-star review - Posted by Ray B.
The vast majority of caregivers with Home Instead have been outstanding by being attentive and interactive with my brother (has both Down syndrome and Alzheimer's). We have a unique circumstance with IHSS hours and regional center hours, and they have been extremely accommodating.
November 12, 2018
5-star review - Posted by dorothys
Very professional office, Leslie is very open and honest about what the caregivers can and can’t do, I shopped around and found other places will say they can do what I asked for. Then , they will send out a caregiver, and then we’re told I don’t do that! With Home Instead they tell you from the first call to the accessment to the caregiver, I love that there open and honest! Leslie, Geraldine, Barbara, Areceli, Yvette, Melissa, Shannon please don’t go anywhere! Your the rock that holds Home Instead together.. what you did for my mom I can’t say thank you enough
July 6, 2018
5-star review - Posted by Robinfxe
Wonderful company to work with, My mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s a few years back. As it progressed she started declining more rapidly, we knew we needed some extra help with her. We found Home Instead Senior Care. When I first called I didn’t know what to expect or what to ask.. Leslie answered the phone and listened to me, she knew what I needed and what would be a good fit for mom! I can’t thank her enough. As time went by mom started declining more and more. I called one day and we’ll I really needed someone to listen to my frustration , Leslie listened and said why don’t we do this” what if we put a caregiver in to help take the stress off you and your family a anothet day of the week” we did. Then we ended up st 5 days a week.. the girls she sent OMG they knew what to do and how to keep mom comfortable in her last days!!! Leslie, Audrey and Yesenia my moms ANGELS! they were what we as a family needed! Thank you Home Instead Senior Care. I used another agency before hiring Home Instead. Prices were a little cheaper and that what we got cheaper services... caretakers not showing up, no experience. You get what you pay for and if paying a little more gives you piece of mind.... it’s so much more, and with Home Instead We got so much more than expected. And for that I can’t say thank you enough Leslie for sending us the BEST!
March 2018
5-star review - Posted by Michelle C.
Very happy with how responsive and accommodating with changes and requests. A pleasure to work with.
May 16, 2016
5-star review - Posted by Bonnie P.
My husband and I shopped around for a few different caregiving agencies before we found Home Instead Senior Care to find a caregiver for his mother. We found the website for Home instead Senior Care and after looking around their website for a while we decided to contact them. I was really impressed by the professionalism and the way they got back to us on the same day we sent an email contact them. Leslie acted as if she knew us for many years. We were so impressed by her knowledge and professionalism. You can beat their prices but you can't beat there professionalism but the bottom line is the care that we got for mother is the best we think we could ever find. I would highly recommend Home Instead Senior Care to my friends and family to find caregivers. Laurie came out to meet both of us and we signed up that very day. Using an agency made it all so easy for Mother and we wouldn't have it any other way Thank you Susan P.aho
October 31, 2015
5-star review - Posted by dm_on
I needed to find a care provider quickly and fortunately found Home Instead in Whittier. They are knowledgeable and well run. While it was not possible to have a single caregiver, there were a couple that my elderly mom really liked. They were also responsive to our concerns about nutrition, and when emergencies happened they were able to handle it. Thanks for making this difficult time much easier for all.
April 14, 2015
5-star review - Posted by Diane001
The management Leslie and Laurie, are amazing. They are very attentive to your needs. They are very organized. They answer your questions promptly and everything is done in an organized manner. Well most of the time. "I couldn't be more pleased with the service that "Home Instead Senior Care" has provided. It was so easy and everyone was so helpful, caring and respectful. Without this service we could have been looking for months and we still may not have found a place for our mother that we liked. We got to keep her in home as long as we could. We had two very sweet girls. Jessica and Manal went above and beyond in the care for my mom, and my kids grandma Thank you for providing this, much needed, service during such a trying times for families." Leslie, Laurie thank you from the bottom of our hearts without you we couldn’t have gotten through this time without going crazy. Thank you Thank you!!! Diane
December 17, 2014
5-star review - Posted by Gailrob123
Home Instead has been helping my mom or a couple of years now. I like the way the office runs so smooth. Leslie does a great job with my parents needs. She goes out of her way to accomadiate the needs. Our Caregiver Veronica is great with mom, Dad gets along very well with both the Caregivers. He like the fact that he can go to sleep and not worry that mom will do something crazy. Thank you Home Instead for giving us our peace of mind. We know that our parents are in good hands.
December 15, 2014
5-star review - Posted by Socalgal92651
Home Instead has been a lifesaver for us this year. My mom fell and broke her hip in January and life changed for all of us at that point. My husband and I do what we can (65 miles away) to take care of my parents but Home Instead is always there when we need them and we sure need them. Leslie is always friendly and finds someone to watch both my mom and 90 year old dad. She is good about placing a caregiver with my parents who have already been there to help out and know them. Home Instead is definitely a blessing for our family, always dependable!
December 4, 2014
5-star review - Posted by Claire7144
Home Instead Senior Care-- Caregivers cared for my mom for a little over 2 years. Although my family had our ups and downs, Home Instead was always consistent. We had great Caregivers, we used home instead 16 hours a day at times, we always had consistency when we called the office, we were always greeted with respect and they would have a caregiver at all times. My mom was never a happy person she would give grief to every caregiver and they would smile and go on with what needed to be done. She would throw things at them and still they never got upset with her. I’m writing this because I was asked by a friend who is looking for services for her mom and thought that I should tell my story. Laurie, Lessley, Barbara, Denise thank you for your help. I was never easy to work with and for that I am truly sorry. Thank you for all you did for our mom
November 26, 2014
5-star review - Posted by Plantlovers
After my mother's stroke, my family was daunted by the process of making arrangements for her care. Fortunately we were referred to Home instead Senior Care. it was the dedicated to finding excellent caregivers for us. Laurie met with my family at our home to discuss the type of care my sister and I wanted for our mom. She listened to our needs and found caregivers suited to our situation. My mother's caregivers, Jeannine, and Deanne, Leslie are experienced, compassionate and committed. Under their care, Mom has improved in significant ways. In particular, Leslie has given us caregivers who are devoted not only to seeing that she is well cared for, but also helping her to recover. I want to recommend We're been so pleased with working with Leslie, Laurie, and the CAREGivers Jannine, Deanne
November 23, 2014
5-star review - Posted by Karen V.
We are very pleased with the staff and the services offered by Home Instead. From the start, we found all the Home Instead employees to be responsive, thoughtful, and caring. Leslie is just great, and Donna has provided outstanding help and companionship for my mother. We would highly recommend Home Instead.
November 19, 2014
5-star review - Posted by Joitv
Our Mom passed last September and I have not had the time to write here. But I would like to express my deep gratitude for what we received from Home Instead, especially from a wonderful Angel name Barbara. Her heart is beyond what you could hope for. Her compassion and open mind helped us immensely to go through that difficult journey. It would not have been the same without her. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your great spirit, compassion and genuine generosity! Leslie, you do an outstanding job listening. even when we are complaining about our life and pains our mom is going through. You seem to really care what needs to be done with your clients. You really care about your clients and it shows. Again thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the care you gave to our mom!!!
November 13, 2014
5-star review - Posted by Bcho
The care you have been providing for my mom is outstanding. I don’t know what we would do without your services.I appreciate so much the services you provided for my family I am so thankful that you were there! Your agency and services are A++++ all the way! Laurie, Leslie I don't know what to say!!!!!! We would call late at night and never got the feeling that we were bugging Leslie, she would always do what we asked and never complained. I believe it was always with a smile, calm voice, I don't know how you do it but you do... Laurie you have an amazing team of caregivers. If there are Angels on earth I know they are with Home Instead.....
July 22, 2013
5-star review - Posted by Stevejcbs
Home Instead is a fantastic loving and caring business with a personal touch. I highly recommend Home Instead Senior Care to anyone looking for what I consider to have that family touch to care for their loved one. Laurie, Leslie you rock!!!!! You always made mom feel good about herself even though she was dying of cancer. They came thru the Caregiver that they sent was Awesome always ready to lend a helping hand or two.... When my mom needed more care it was them that talked to me and gave some advice on what to do with her when entering hospice, and what questions to ask. I am so pleased with the way that they help me and mom. Thank you Home Instead Senior Care!
July 19, 2013
5-star review - Posted by Jessicaqui
My mom Angie is diabetic and on high blood pressure medication. The rehab hospital suggested this company to help assist my mom at home. They have been heaven sent! I work full time and can't be with my mom 24/7. They provide the best care I could ask for. We have a few bumps in the road but Leslie and Penny always seems to help us get over the bumps and move forward.
December 12, 2012
5-star review - Posted by AJ A.
This is a franchise operation and if the personnel I have been in contact with are any indication of the standards of care for all of their franchises I couldn't be more pleased. Everyone is completely professional and more importantly kind and caring toward my father who has Alzheimer's. Remember you are the employer and anyone you hire should have no problem with ANY questions you may ask. I could not recommend Home Instead enough to anyone who has in-home care needs!!!

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