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CAREGiver Awards & Recognition 

At Home Instead®, our success revolves around our CAREGiversâ„  – and we know it! We celebrate CAREGivers year-round in many ways: a note of appreciation, recognition in our employee newsletter, perhaps an impromptu office party.
Home Instead Caregiver helps senior man button shirt at home

November 2021 CAREGiver of the Month: Roxanne H.

Roxanne CGoM November 2021

Roxanne has been part of the Home Instead family for over five and a half years! Through the years she has been committed to her client’s, continually providing compassionate and quality care. Roxanne goes above and beyond to make sure that her clients are safe, happy, and maintaining a healthy routine. She has built trusting relationships with each one of them and it shows through the continuous compliments that she receives about the service she provides. We are grateful for Roxanne’s dedication, professionalism, and compassionate care that she provides daily. We couldn’t be prouder to recognize her as the November CAREGiver of the Month! Thank you for all you do!

October 2021 CAREGiver of the Month: Deborah B.

Deborah CGoM October 2021

We are excited to recognize Deborah as our October CAREGiver of the Month! Deborah has been part of the Home Instead family for three and a half years. She has been committed and has provided compassionate and individualized care to her clients since day one. Deborah’s genuine and upbeat personality has helped her form close bonds with all her clients. She maintains great communication with the office, relaying updates, and important information about her clients. Deborah is also flexible and often helps by filling in last minute shifts. We are so grateful for her dedication as a CAREGiver and are proud to have her on the Home Instead team! Thank you for being a wonderful representative of the Home Instead CAREGiver position!

September 2021 CAREGiver of the Month: Keri R.

Keri CGoM September 2021

Keri has been with Home Instead for four months and has already made a huge impact on multiple client's lives. Keri started with a "willing to learn" attitude and immediately took on clients with a higher skill level than she's ever worked with before. Keri has succeeded with every client she has been paired with and has received numerous compliments about the exceptional care she provides. She is continually acknowledged for her natural, sweet, and calming demeanor. We are grateful to have Keri on the Home Instead team! **CONGRATULATIONS**

August 2021 CAREGiver of the Month: Susan H.

Susan CGoM August 2021

We are excited to recognize Susan as our August CAREGiver of the Month! She recently celebrated her four-year anniversary with Home Instead and we can’t thank her enough for the time and commitment she has given to her clients. Susan has shown great perseverance through some difficult client experiences and unexpected changes in her schedule. She has been flexible and open to taking on new clients to fill her schedule. Susan approaches every day with a smile on her face which helps to set the tone for her client’s day. Thank you for all that you do and keep up the great work!

July 2021 CAREGiver of the Month: Jennie S.

Jennie CGoM July 2021

Jennie has been part of the Home Instead family for nine months! We are excited to already recognize her as a CAREGiver of the month.  Here are just a few of Jennie’s stand out qualities: Genuinely Compassionate – Flexible & Adaptable with her Schedule – Always Punctual – Great Communicator – Attentive to Client’s Individual Needs.  Jennie’s compassion shows through to everyone that she meets.  She is always a pleasure to be around, and her clients greatly appreciate the attentive care that she provides.  Thanks for all you do, Jennie!

June 2021 CAREGiver of the Month: Jodi S.

Jodi CGoM June 2021

We are excited to recognize Jodi as our June CAREGiver of the month and congratulate her on celebrating her 5-Year Anniversary with Home Instead! Jodi provides compassionate and consistent care to each one of her clients. Her patience and attention to detail have been recognized by multiple clients and their families. Jodi is always willing to accept new clients and takes the time to build relationships with them, knowing that it is not always an instant match. Jodi’s presence is always calming, kind and respectful regardless of the situation. Thank you for the quality care that you provide to all your clients, Jodi! We are so grateful to you on the Home Instead team!

May 2021 CAREGiver of the Month: Stacy S.

Stacy CGoM May 2021

Stacy was part of the Home Instead family a few years ago and we were so grateful to welcome her back just over a year ago! Stacy’s passion for people shows through in the attentive care that she provides to her clients. We are always receiving compliments from clients and their families for the care that Stacy has provided! “This couldn’t have been a better match!”, “Stacy is excellent and so very qualified!”, “She is an angel, a blessing and provides constant and great care.” Stacy has provided great comfort to her client’s and their families during difficult times. She has also encouraged and connected with her clients to help enhance their daily lives. Stacy always has a smile on her face and spreads joy everywhere she goes.

April 2021 CAREGiver of the Month: Donna S.

Donna CGoM April 2021

We are excited to recognize Donna as our CAREGiver of the month! She has provided dedicated service to her clients over the past 2+ years. She has built bonds with each of them and has made great impacts on their daily lives. Donna is always flexible and helps with last minute requests. We truly appreciate all that she does for her clients!

March 2021 CAREGiver of the Month: Lana M.

Lana CGoM March 2021

We are so excited to present the March CAREGiver of the Month Award to Lana! Lana has been with Home Instead for over a year and has provided consistent, quality care to her clients. She has connected with each of her clients on a personal level and has guided them through life with dignity and respect. Lana’s patience and dedication are two of her strongest qualities! Thank you for being an extraordinary part of the Home Instead CAREGiver team, Lana!

February 2021 CAREGiver of the Month: Susan V.

Susan CGoM February 2021

Home Instead was proud to recognize Susan as our February CAREGiver of the month! Susan will be celebrating her two-year anniversary with Home Instead in April. We are so grateful for the consistent, quality care that she provides to her clients. Susan has met challenges with a caring and professional attitude and has shown great flexibility in her schedule. Thank you for being an extraordinary addition to the Home Instead team!

January 2021 CAREGiver of the Month: Sarah A.

Sarah CGoM January 2021

Sarah has been with Home Instead for over a year and has been providing consistent, extraordinary care to her client whom she has been with since day one. Sarah’s client absolutely adores her and can’t express enough of how much she truly appreciates their time together. They are a perfect match! Sarah’s bubbly personality, caring heart and motivating spirit have all helped to enhance her client’s life at home. Sarah’s dedication to her clients is extraordinary. She goes above and beyond to make it to her shifts and has exemplified this multiple times, most recently during a large snowstorm that we endured. Congratulations and thank you for all you do, Sarah!

2020 CAREGiver of the Year: Paula G.

Paula CGoY 2020

Congratulations to Paula, our 2020 CAREGiver of the Year! We had the honor of surprising her with the award after work. Paula was presented with her bonus and a scrapbook full of sentiments from office staff and clients. Paula originally joined our team in January 2014 and left for a short time but returned to Home Instead in April of 2017. Paula's commitment to her clients is unwavering. She has professionally worked through difficult situations, including losing longtime clients. Paula eagerly took on new clients and was willing to fill in as needed. Paula has received numerous compliments from her clients about how kind, and caring she is as a CAREGiver. Several clients have asked her to return after just one shift. Paula has a heart for others, and she lives the Home Instead vision every day! She is always helpful, always caring and always professional! Thank you to Paula and all our amazing CAREGivers for enhancing the lives of aging adults and their families.

Home Instead CAREGiver of the Year Award

CAREGiver appreciation is baked into our DNA. We sincerely value the passion and talent each CAREGiver brings to our mission day in and day out.

To thank our CAREGivers for all the amazing things they do, we nominate a person for our national Mary Steibel CAREGiver of the Year award. It’s a small way to show how thankful we are to them for demonstrating compassion and exceptional care to the seniors and families they serve.