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Mar 28, 2021

March 2021 Client & CAREGiver Spotlight - Lrea Davenport & Bonnie Poole

Written By: Home Instead of Bowling Green
Spotlight March 2021 Lrea and Bonnie COMP

Bowling Green March 2021 Client & CAREGiver Spotlight - Lrea Davenport & Bonnie Poole

Meet March’s Client and CAREGiver Spotlight team of Lrea and her caregiver, Bonnie Poole. Lrea has worked in factories all her life.  She liked the busy and consistent day to day that factory work brought. It ultimately was too hard on her body and she has since had both knees replaced.  

Bonnie is confident and helps to keep Lrea’s day to day in order.  Lrea is reliant on her guidance and direction. In Bowling Green Towers, where Lrea resides, they have been doing “Door Contests” lately. Each contest has a certain theme and the apartments have to decorate their front doors to that theme. The themes are typically holiday or seasonal. They recently won the Halloween contest!! They placed first place out of 192 doors! This activity has created a bond with Bonnie and Lrea, so much so, they carry out the themes into her apartment. They take the time to go shopping and decorate with one another. This activity has also helped Lrea battle depression.

Lrea says, “I’m not sure what I did before Bonnie. I look forward to always seeing her and know that I am always taken care of.” Bonnie responds that “Lrea is such a joy to be around. We talk and laugh. We truly have a lot in common and I treasure our relationship. It’s a perfect match.” We are so happy that Bonnie helps Lrea live safely at “Home Instead”.

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