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January 20, 2021

2020 CAREGiver of the Year

Written By: Cory Grassell for Home Instead of Green Bay
2020 CGOTY 427 850 COMP

2020 CAREGiver of the Year - Shawn Quirk

Shawn started at Home Instead® with no prior experience in caregiving. We knew right away, though, that she had the CAREGiverâ„  heart and mindset. In a time when there is so much uncertainty in the world, we look to those who provide care and leadership in selfless ways. Shawn does so not only in a caregiving capacity but also as a middle-school social studies teacher (she works during the day and serves as CAREGiver at least three overnights a week).

Many clients have been impacted by Shawn’s care and leadership. For example, Shawn would often darken the room and read to a hospice client for hours. It didn’t matter what she was reading; it was just her soothing voice that gave the client peace from the severe headaches he suffered.

Another one of Shawn’s clients had been declining to the point where he was unable to recall most people, but he always remembered Shawn. Each evening, he would ask if “the teacher” was coming, and his smile lit up the room when Shawn appeared.

Another CAREGiver in the home referred to Shawn as his “personal angel.” Still another CAREGiver described Shawn as a “wonderful person, always pleasant and a good teacher for not only other CAREGivers but also the family members.” She went on to say that Shawn would “unite the CAREGivers” when a problem arose, as well as gather everyone's input and lead the team to come up with a plan to ensure their client had the best care possible.

When the client’s journey was coming close to the end, it was no coincidence that Shawn was his CAREGiver. A family member said that Shawn made her dad feel comfortable and safe, and he was able to pass peacefully. They recognized their connection and even asked Shawn to be a pallbearer at his funeral.

Caregiving is not a job for the weak of heart. It takes a compassionate, strong, kind person to call himself or herself a CAREGiver. Caregivers need to be able to think outside the box to ensure that their clients are always safe and living the highest quality of life possible. They need to have leadership qualities and work with their fellow CAREGivers as a team to ensure their clients have the best care. Shawn is that CAREGiver.


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