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January 24, 2022

Caring For The Elderly

Written By: David Gest
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In 1969, at the age of 16, I got my first job. It was as a crew member at a McDonald’s restaurant in Lafayette, Louisiana.

Fifty-three years later, I find myself fresh off of achieving 20 years of success in the home care industry as the owner of a Home Instead franchise.

What’s changed?

For one thing, I now sign my name to the front of paychecks in the lower right hand corner instead of endorsing them on the flip side. But there is one thing that remains the same – I still work in an effort to serve others.

Working in home care as a CAREGiver is, I’m told, one of the most challenging jobs a person can have and also one of the most gratifying. While in my case, as a teenager, I didn’t reflect on the people I served as much as I reflected on what I could but with “my own” money, there was a sense of satisfaction that I was working at a real job.

At Home Instead, our CAREGivers tell us almost every day how much they take pride in the work they do. They know that they have the power to make a lousy day for a senior one to remember fondly. They know that without CAREGivers, the world for seniors would be a far different – and less inviting – place. For seniors, CAREGivers make the world go around. They attend to the needs of aging seniors around the globe that they’ve built a relationship with, and they are fully vested their client’s life and living conditions.

For years we’ve told CAREGiver candidates that caregiving isn’t for everyone. We know that caregiving is a vocation of love that leaves individuals tired in a good way. The satisfaction derived from seeing a client smile, wave goodbye, and say “I’ll see you tomorrow, right?” is indescribable. But like the United States Marines, we’re only looking for The Few, The Proud…

If you have the capacity to love and serve others, consider the profession of a CAREGiver. We offer flexible scheduling, competitive wages, paid vacation, and top-notch training. We offer opportunities for advancement and a culture of positive energy and accomplishment. We give people the ability to express their emotions in a way that is meaningful and, most of all, appreciated.

Is today your day to make the move that will launch your career as a Home Instead CAREGiver? Have you, perhaps, wrapped up one career and you’re now ready to immerse yourself in another one? Is it your time to give to others in repayment of all that’s been given to you?

We’ll promise you this – it will be far more satisfying than flipping burgers and pouring soft drinks.

David Gest has owned and operated his Home Instead franchise since 2001 in Bryan/College Station, Texas. Subsequent to his experience in fast food, he held highly responsible positions in marketing and advertising for over 20 years. His love for providing care to seniors is only surpassed by his love of McDonald’s French fries.