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CAREGiver Awards & Recognition 

At Home Instead®, our success revolves around our CAREGivers℠ – and we know it! We celebrate CAREGivers year-round in many ways: a note of appreciation, recognition in our employee newsletter, perhaps an impromptu office party.
Home Instead Caregiver helps senior man button shirt at home

August 2021 Rookie of the Month: Mikaela

Mikaela August 2021 Rookie of the Month

Mikaela B. is professional in her dealing with clients. Although she is new to caregiving she is the ultimate example of what we strive for in a caregiver. She seeks out resolutions, addresses concerns and asks questions to improve her care with our clients. Mikaela is a great addition to the Home Instead care team.

August 2021 CAREGiver of the Month: Souha

Souha CGoM August 2021

Souha, who has worked so hard to do the ‘right’ thing always for the client and for Home Instead. She has really had great success with some challenging clients and is always ready to ‘serve’. She is deeply caring, has tremendous consistent follow thru, and has been a “go to caregiver” for those hard to fill shifts due clients with arduous behaviors.

Congratulations to Souha for being an exceptional CAREGiver!

July 2021 CAREGiver of the Month: Autumn

Autumn CGoM July 2021

Autumn N. eagerly takes on shifts that are hard to fill, has the clients best interest in mind when she serves them with an open heart. Clients easily fall in love with her!

July 2021 Rookie of the Month: Diane

Diane July 2021 Rookie of the Month

Diane has proven in her short time to be a productive and efficient caregiver. Her attention to our clients needs show how she shares her heart, takes the lead, builds trust with her clients and our staff.

Above & Beyond Award June 2021 for Excellence in Caregiving Awarded to: Stephanie

Stephanie June 2021 Above & Beyond Award

Stephanie is our winner due to all the care and support she gave to our client named  Jordan.   Jordan suffers from dementia that is progressing rapidly and he often has great anxiety and requires a lot of redirection and compassionate patient care. Stephanie,  his devoted  Home Instead CAREGiver  stepped out and took on an extraordinary  difficult situation and handled Jordan with grace.  She has consistently shown professionalism and compassion.  She took the lead, shared her heart and built trust with Jordan and with us. She is a treasure and gift to her client and to Home Instead.

May 2021 CAREGiver of the Month: Wilma

Wilma CGoM May 2021

Wilma has shown significant skill in caring for a very difficult and medically fragile client.  Wilma has carried out the Home Instead mission to care for this client providing an exceptional home care experience. Working with several medical partners and  a 24 hour  care team she has taken the lead to ensure our staff is performing within our scope of practice.  She is an excellent communicator and takes upmost care in following directions with regard to the ongoing support to our client.  Thanks Wilma for your Taking the lead, Sharing your Heart and Building Trust with everyone you are in contact with.

April 2021 CAREGiver of the Month: Kerry Ann

Kerry Ann CGoM April 2021

Kerry Ann is soft spoken & kind and has made great strides working with our client Molly. Molly’s family has taken to Kerry Ann & has reported the positive changes in Molly’s care since she started. They ask her to attend family parties with them because she “knows how to calm Molly” and has been successful in showering her and getting Molly “all dolled up” which they appreciate. Before Kerry, Molly was refusing to shower and layered her clothing. The connection & understanding that Kerry has made with her is noticed. She truly enjoys Molly which says it all.

April 2021 Rookie of the Month: Tiffany

Tiffany April 2021 Rookie of the Month

Tiffany is a wonderful addition to the team. She is a great communicator, she is responsive and dependable. She’s an awesome reporter, clocks in & out without issue. She’s adaptable & has had 5 clients since she’s started with us. The client & family feed back is always refreshing to hear. She uses good judgement, takes initiative, she’s kind hearted, gets stuff done and has very sweet demeanor.

Above & Beyond Award March 2021 for Excellence in Caregiving Awarded to: Elizabeth K.

Elizabeth March 2021 Above & Beyond Award

Elizabeth is an exceptional Caregiver Ambassador and an integral part of our team. Not only is she able to assimilate to her environment, she is also able to deliver care that fits her clients' individual needs. She is patient, compassionate, attentive, dependable, and reliable. There is no question that Elizabeth goes above and beyond to provide extraordinary care.

Elizabeth uses good judgement. She is always very professional & has the ability to win the hearts of the families and clients she serves. They never want to let her go! She can step into any situation and access the needs & gets it done. Her experience is noticed & it’s always a blessing to know when she’s staffed. I know she will manage it perfectly.

Elizabeth K exhibits all of Home Instead’s values. She consistently shares he heart with her clients by being totally present. The families trust her with their loved ones care, she is very skilled . Elizabeth takes the lead in making sure her clients are living their best life. Her love for what she does shows thru in her daily interactions with the office staff as well as the clients and families

February 2021 Rookie of the Month: Johanna

Johanna February 2021 Rookie of the Month

Johanna has stepped up to accept several difficult clients. Her compassionate nature and ability to serve under pressure set her apart from the others. She deeply cares about our clients and strives to deliver the best care possible. Positive client outcomes is her goal with each family she cares for through Home Instead.

February 2021 CAREGiver of the Month: Valerie R.

Valerie CGoM February 2021

Valerie R. always gives her best to our clients. She extended her availability in order to care for a client who she felt really could benefit from her care. She nurtures deeply and loves up on those she cares for. When Val is your CAREGiver, you feel loved and well cared for as if you were her own family member. Congratulations Val on being named COM!

January 2021 Rookie of the Month: Joe

Joe January 2021 Rookie of the Month

Joe has consistently answered the call to serve clients who struggle. He is kind hearted, loving, calm natured and skilled. Our clients love him and his beautiful spirit which surround them during Joe’s time with them in their homes. He makes them feel safe. Joe is an excellent communicator. His care notes are professional, supportive and informative. We are never lacking knowledge of any “change of condition” due to his ever flowing communications.

January 2021 CAREGiver of the Month: Tish V.

Tish CGoM January 2021

Tish V. has really been an asset for our Client who resides in a facility. She has been instrumental in advocating for clothing and necessary toiletries for our client’s well-being. We as well as our client’s family appreciates the outstanding care Tish has provided to their loved one. For being such a reliable advocate and providing compassionate care- Tish was nominated to be CAREGiver of the MONTH to kick off 2021! Congratulations to Tish!

December 2020 CAREGiver of the Month: Virginia G.

Virginia CGoM December 2020

📣🏆Virginia G.– Virginia is our December Employee of the Month! Virginia is always on time, participates in all training opportunities and accepts last minutes shifts. She has encouraged her client to speak up and ask for what she needs which is huge for this particular client. Virginia builds trust, takes the lead and shares her heart with her client and other caregivers. Way to go Virginia.💖

October 2020 Rookie of the Month: Kerry Ann

Kerry Ann October 2020 Rookie of the Month

🏆🎬Rookie Of the Month: Kerry Ann was selected as Rookie of the Month for October because right from the first shift we knew she was special. She has made connections with difficult clients immediately upon first meeting. Kerry Ann says she ‘listens from the heart’ and that has proven to be her secret weapon. She truly is a heart-whisperer and we are overjoyed we get to share her with our aging clients.😍💖💖

October 2020 CAREGiver of the Month: Ann

Ann CGoM October 2020

📣🌟CAREGiver Of Month for October: Ann 🙂 Ann is an incredibly skilled caregiver. She epitomizes reliability, is dependable, and a great communicator. She is always upbeat, continually updates the office about her clients care and importantly, she is flexible with her schedule and availability. We so appreciate Ann and how she shares her heart for her clients, the company and coworkers. Way to go Ann.🤩

September 2020 Rookie of the Month: Jane W.

Jane September 2020 Rookie of the Month

📣September Rookie of the Month: Jane W.! Jane has proven to be a great communicator, can handle difficult clients, documents accurately and timely as well as remembers to clock in and out regularly. She is a treasure for the clients she cares for.

September 2020 CAREGiver of the Month: Ada C.

Ada CGoM September 2020

Ada continually rises to the occasion. During the recent evacuation she worked extra time to care, evacuate and remain with a very vulnerable client until she was settled in a temporary residence. Her dedication and devotion to our clients is above and beyond especially with end of life situations.

August 2020 Rookie of the Month: Tasha M.

Tasha August 2020 Rookie of the Month

🎉📣August Rookie of the Month: Congratulations to Tasha M who was selected our Rookie of the month. She eagerly accepted new shifts. She was willing to take on a difficult challenging client and having success. Her responsiveness in addition to asking great thoughtful questions makes her an easy choice for this recognition!

August 2020 CAREGiver of the Month: Kelly O.

Kelly CGoM August 2020

🥁 DrumROLL Please ----->Caregiver of the Month: We are thrilled to recognize Kelly O. for August Caregiver of the Month. She has stepped up and out of the box in her valued approach to caring for her clients. She takes the Lead by anticipating her clients needs and helping them feel safe, loved and providing the exceptional caregiver experience. Way to Go, Kelly!🥰

July 2020 CAREGiver of the Month: Bee

Bee CGoM July 2020

What’s not to love about Bee?! She always makes everyone she comes in contact with feel loved and sincerely cared for. She continues to serve one of our long term clients with fresh perspective every day and is an inspiration to that care team. She graciously shares her many talents and kindheartedness with all who cross her path. We are truly blessed to have Bee on our CareTeam.

June 2020 Rookie of the Month: Steve K.

Steve June 2020 Rookie of the Month

🎉🏆 Rookie of the Month--- Steve K.

As a new CAREGiver to Home Instead, Steve communicates well by phone and messaging through our system, attends CAREGiver meetings, is good with technology, well-oriented & trained and works on one of our most skilled cases. He took an assignment where client's behaviors did not fit his personal values however he was able to put the client's needs first.

He has always been willing to help and has a positive attitude. Our Home Care Consultant asked him to come with on a care consult to meet the family of potential clients . The family was very impressed with his kind manor and answers to their questions. I was so very happy to have him represent HISC. The clients adult son really would love to have Steve be their future CAREGiver for his parents.

These are all the reasons Steve is Home Instead Sonoma’s, Rookie of the Month June 2020! Congratulations Steve!

June 2020 CAREGiver of the Month: Elizabeth K.

Elizabeth CGoM June 2020

We are thrilled to recognize Elizabeth K. who is an amazing, wonderful , compassionate and highly skilled CAREGiver Superhero! Elizabeth can take on any challenge. She has rave reviews with all our clients. Her “can do” spirit shows in how she relates to our client’s evolving needs. Recently she has accepted our CAREGiver Ambassador position expanding her scope to serve all our Home Instead clients within Sonoma county.

May 2020 CAREGiver of the Month: Claudia C.

Claudia CGoM May 2020

Claudia C. has shined with her patience, tenacity and caring for one of our most difficult and challenging clients. She truly cares and seeks to find solutions to difficult situations. She is a team lead with her client and offers him the continuity dementia clients require. She shows up each day with a smile & ready to tackle what ever the day will bring! We are so fortunate to have such a wonderful CAREGiver as Claudia on our CareTeam!

April 2020 CAREGiver of the Month: MC

MC CGoM April 2020

Congratulations to MC for being named April’s CAREGiver of the month. Her clients love her! She is caring, loving and sensitive to our clients’ needs and provides the exceptional caregiver experience as she builds trust, takes the lead and shares her heart.

March 2020 CAREGiver of the Month: Maria R.

Maria CGoM March 2020

We are thrilled to recognize an amazing, wonderful CAREGiver hero, Maria R. as caregiver of the month for March 2020.

She is here with her client, who absolutely adores her! Her client said the worst part of her day is “when Maria goes home.”

Maria R. comes to us with a Certified Nursing Assistant background. She has worked with HISC since 2015 and demonstrates her work ethic along with her patience and calming energy during difficult situations. She enjoys connecting with her clients as well as helping her clients remain independently in their own homes.

We are so blessed to have Maria as one of our amazing CAREGivers on our team! Way to Go Maria! Thank you Maria for bringing such joy into the lives of those you serve with your skills and genuine heart.

February 2020 CAREGiver of the Month: Autumn H.

Autumn CGoM February 2020

Congratulations to Autumn H. for being February 2020 CareGiver of the month! Autumn has been with Home Instead since 2017. She connects with our clients , building trust and they enjoy her care. When she has concerns about the clientele- Autumn is the first one to pick up the phone and report care changes or concerns to the office support staff. She has even visited at our request the client when hospitalized to reassure her client we are here for her when she needs us again! Congratulations to Autumn!​

January 2020 CAREGiver of the Month: Jackie A.

Jackie CGoM January 2020

Congratulations to Jackie A. for being January CAREGiver of the MONTH. Jackie is a very skilled CAREGiver with our company since 2019 and connects easily and quickly. She jumps in as needed even at the last minute. Currently, she works with one of our clients who needs 24 hour care and she is one of the lead CAREGivers on that team. Congratulations Jackie!

December 2019 CAREGiver of the Month: John D.

John CGoM December 2019

Caregiver of the month for December 2019 is….John D. . John was instrumental in showing clients how amazing he is. His ability to relate to clients at our facility partner created a relationship that has grown and thrived. He has embraced all the training and is a shining star. We are so proud of his accomplishments as a caregiver. Thank you John for Sharing your Heart. You are a gift!​

November 2019 CAREGiver of the Month: Elizabeth B.

Elizabeth CGoM November 2019

Caregiver of the month for November 2019 is… Elizabeth B. Elizabeth has a tender heart for our client Alice. Her attentive care has given Alice such joy. She exhibits a spirit of collaboration and takes the initiative in her care with all her clients. Elizabeth is consistently asked to return because our clients love her, and so do we. Congratulations Elizabeth!

October 2019 CAREGiver of the Month: Jamie M.

Jamie CGoM October 2019

Caregiver of the month for October 2019 is…Jamie M. Jamie took initiative during the fires of 2019 to safely house our vulnerable client. The situation became critical and Jamie Took the Lead by caring for the client in her home along with several caregivers assigned to the client. This was an act of kindness and helped Build Trust with our client and the family. We are so proud of Jamie for her compassion and leadership in caring for our client. Way to go Jamie!

September 2019 CAREGiver of the Month: Jennifer

Jennifer CGoM September 2019

“Professional, reliable, flexible, punctual, and a great team player” is how our schedulers describe Jennifer! Add that she always answers her phone and returns calls, never creates drama, and that she accepts any client or challenge; that is why Jennifer is CAREGIver of the Month! Thanks for being you, Jennifer!​

June 2019 CAREGiver of the Month: Erica B.

Erica CGoM June 2019

Erica cared for our client as she was passing. Erica changed the end of our client’s life and her family will never forget her for that. Our client’s son told us how thankful he was for their entire experience with Home Instead. He said the family talked about it after mom passed and they all agreed that they felt as though they were surrounded by angels the whole time they were with us. Erica made the difference between good service and exceptional service by building trust and sharing her heart. Well done and Thank you, Erica!!​

May 2019 CAREGiver of the Month: Wilyza Y.

Wilyza CGoM May 2019

It has been a pleasure to watch Wilyza learn and grow as a CAREGiver. As a student on the Nursing track, Wilyza is successfully completing her educational goals while providing exceptional care to our clients. Wilyza has become a confident care provider with the skills to handle difficult clients with grace and humor.

Well done and thank you, Wilyza!

April 2019 CAREGiver of the Month: Anne H.

Anne CGoM April 2019

Anne takes enriching the lives of clients very personally. She takes it upon herself to think of activities that will engage our clients and help them to thrive. An ipad to play a game on, jigsaw puzzles, and knitting supplies are all creative tools used to occupy our clients’ attention. Anne keeps herself engaged by gobbling up any training available and taking extra work as her busy schedule allows. Congratulations and Thank you, Anne!

March 2019 CAREGiver of the Month: Kandis

Kandis CGoM March 2019

Our clients have been singing her praises! Kandis is punctual, reliable, and responsive. A wonderful combination of attributes for a CAREGiver! She has been willing to try new clients, including some out of her preferred “comfort zone” and has been incredibly professional in her reporting on our clients. Well done and thank you!! Congratulations to Kandis!​

February 2019 CAREGiver of the Month: Esther

Esther CGoM February 2019

Esther is always willing to pick up last second shifts to help us and our clients, she’s gotten up out of bed to go work a night shift when we needed her to. When she asks for time off she gives plenty of notice, so we can cover her clients. She has the skills to go anywhere and she is willing to go to any client. She has a positive attitude which is very good support for her clients who suffer from Depression or are on hospice care. Way to go Esther!

January 2019 CAREGiver of the Month: Adriana

Adriana CGoM January 2019

Adriana has been very consistent in caring for our client since December 2017. When she needed time off, Adriana requested it well in advance allowing our schedulers time to find replacements for her. The client’s family appreciates that Adriana cares for their mother as family, not like it’s just a job. No fuss, no muss, just exceptional care! Way to go, Adriana!​

December 2018 CAREGiver of the Month: Dan

Dan CGoM December 2018

​Dan D. is a very busy guy and he cares a great deal about our seniors! Dan is great at reporting and following up about his clients. His flexibility as well as his punctuality are greatly appreciated. Dan also makes great chocolate chip cookies! Way to go, Dan on being our December 2018 Caregiver of the month. Congratulations!!

November 2018 CAREGiver of the Month: Christina

Christina CGoM November 2018

Christina is our November 2018 CAREGiver of the Month! She is willing to take on and embrace new challenges and our families love and respect her.

Christina’s reporting of updates always keeps us informed of any changes with our clients. She also takes advantage of training offered to continue her professional development. Christina, thanks for taking the lead, sharing your heart and building trust with us as well as our clients and the families you serve.

Congratulations Christina!!

October 2018 CAREGiver of the Month: Wilma

Wilma CGoM October 2018

Wilma is a great reporter – she speaks up when something concerns her, or her client’s health changes. She is always on time and willing to go above and beyond for her clients – like going in early/staying late when needed, offering to pick up necessary equipment for her clients, and training new caregivers to the case to help them succeed and keep her clients happy. Always very kind, and you can see how much she truly cares for her clients wellbeing and happiness. Wilma continually reflects the company’s values by taking the Lead, sharing her heart and building trust with all she is in contact with. Congratulations Wilma!

September 2018 CAREGiver of the Month: Valerie

Robert CGoM September 2018

Our clients love Valerie. She has been with Home Instead for almost 3 years. Valerie goes to work every day. She is always on time. The daughter of client said that “Valerie seems to care for mom, and she doesn’t treat her shifts as just a job.” She comes to trainings, she asks for time off well in advance, which makes our Schedulers love her, too.

Thank you, Valerie, for taking the lead, sharing your heart and building trust with our clients and staff.

August 2018 CAREGiver of the Month: Lynda

Lynda CGoM August 2018

Lynda has been a long term caregiver who exhibits our values of building trust, sharing her heart and taking the lead. She is consistent, nurturing, positive and grateful, reports in a timely manner any changes. When she is introduced to new clients she interacts directly with them upon arrival. Congratulations Lynda!

July 2018 CAREGiver of the Month: Valerie

Valerie CGoM July 2018

Valerie has consistently given her best to our clients. She is tenacious and thorough in her care, is a great communicator, participates in training and has the respect of her peers. Thank you Valerie for taking the lead, sharing your heart and building trust with our clients and staff.​

June 2018 CAREGiver of the Month: Tish

Tish CGoM June 2018

Tish is our June CG of the month! She goes out of her way to give the exceptional caregiver experience to her clients. She is a good reporter, rarely calls out and manages her clients gift card program as if it’s her own money. We are proud of Tish and the care she provides her clients. Thank You Tish for your outstanding service.

May 2018 CAREGiver of the Month: Jimmy T.

Jimmy CGoM May 2018

Jim Thornton – also known as Jimmy T. Jimmy T is a thoughtful, caring and thorough caregiver. His clients enjoy his cooking and conversations. He is requested as a caregiver from multiple clients and clients to be. His reputation in the community is what draws these new clients to Home Instead. Thank You Jim for your caring and exceptional service to our clients.

April 2018 CAREGiver of the Month: Tori

Tori CGoM April 2018

Tori is a very talented CAREGiver who excels with our difficult clients. Tori has added a new responsibility as a trainer to our Home Instead CAREGivers. She is knowledgeable, compassionate and skilled. Tori can handle any situation with grace and takes the lead as she serves our clients. Congratulations Tori you are a GEM!

March 2018 CAREGiver of the Month: Barbara

Barbara CGoM March 2018

Barbara has proven to be a reliable, trustworthy and consistent CAREGiver for Home Instead. She treats each of our clients with love and attention. We appreciate all Barbara does for her clients and for us. Thank you for sharing Your heart Barbara!

February 2018 CAREGiver of the Month: Will H.

Will CGoM February 2018

Will H. – Will is a long-term CAREGiver of Home Instead who can be sent to any client. He is hands on and is especially adept with difficult cases. He excels with our end of life clients and has a gift of relieving family stress when serving our clients. He is engaging and thoughtful. We are proud of Will and his skills as a caregiver. Congratulations Will!

January 2018 CAREGiver of the Month: Robert

Robert CGoM January 2018

Robert has consistently exceeded our expectations as a CAREGiver. He serves our clients with care, compassion and preserves each client’s dignity with love. He can work with any client’s needs. During the recent fires, Robert came to the office offering to help with any client’s needs, had total availability and accepted all our emergency tasks. We are proud to have Robert affiliated with our company!

July 2014 CAREGiver of the Month: Kitty

Kitty CGoM July 2014

It is bittersweet we announce Kitty as our Caregiver of the month for July 2014 as she is amazing and loving and loyal and dedicated and so very humble -and because she Is so wonderful she s been offered her own church in Kansas as she is a Presbyterian minister ! Congratulations Kitty we will miss you but understand you have a higher calling and we wish you only the best this world has to offer !!! With love and prayers , your home instead family

Jun 2014 CAREGiver of the Month: Jackie

Jackie CGoM June 2014

Caregiver of the month Jackie for being so loyal and truly building friendships with her darling clients who aren't always so darling

~ hey we all have our days right- but no matter what Jackie is there with a smile in her face and ready to brighten up their days ! Jackie jumps when ya need her to and quick to respond! For this Jackie is caregiver of the month May 2014! Thank you for sharing your Jackie!

May 2014 CAREGiver of the Month: Joyce

Joyce CGoM May 2014

We call Joyce the Dementia whisperer as she has a real gift for working with Alzheimer’s & dementia patients. She has such a rare soothing & comforting way that engages clients she cares for . Joyce takes the time to learn about her clients history so she can engage them and provide a higher level of quality of life. Where many have failed- Joyce has succeeded! WE honor her gift of working with dementia clients & for that we are proud to make her CAREGiver of the month May 2014

April 2014 CAREGiver of the Month: John

John CGoM April 2014

Humor is the best medicine- that’s Johns prescription of care with his clients. John shares his skills and great wit with all those he cares for. As a Home Instead Caregiver . He has been loyal for years with those families he helps care for & is a trusted caregiver / more like family member at this point. He has learned what the clients expects and can tolerate and what can brighten their days! For this John is Caregiver of the Month

March 2014 CAREGiver of the Month: Beverly

Beverly CGoM March 2014

Beverley H. Is a “delight to have” says her client. The family is so impressed with her they often just call to tell us this several times a month. She keeps the house “Spik & Span” says her client Mr. F and cares for him as if she was his own daughter. The care & dedication to the client she serves is remarkable and for this~ Bev. Is March 2014 CAREGiver of the month!

February 2014 CAREGiver of the Month: Jessica

Jessica CGoM February 2014

Jessica is always creating experiences for each client she cares for. In conversation with them she finds out their hobbies, likes etc & then creates activities to do with them that they enjoy. She making sure her client’s isn’t just counting the years; she’s making sure they are LIVING them! Way to go Jessica we are so proud to call you one of OUR Home Instead CAREGivers!

We love how she has mastered the art of taking a “selfie” with her clients & sending to us so we can see them in action!

January 2014 CAREGiver of the Month: Donna E.

Donna CGoM January 2014

Donna is a lively 87 year old and has worked for our Home Instead office in Sonoma County since Jan.2, 2006 and prior to that she worked with the HISC office in Roseville, CA. When asked said about Donna, CARE manager Theresa said “ I could call her at 4am for an emergency and she’d not only answer the phone, she’d go out & care for the client in need. She LIVES Home Instead by responding like a loving family member rather than a hired hand”. Donna lives a very young at heart life (she went sky-diving for her 85th birthday!) and live Home Instead every day.​

Congratulations to Donna - Our January 2014 CAREGiver of the Month!