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CAREGiver Awards & Recognition 

At Home Instead®, our success revolves around our CAREGiversâ„  – and we know it! We celebrate CAREGivers year-round in many ways: a note of appreciation, recognition in our employee newsletter, perhaps an impromptu office party.
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Toni - October 2020 CAREGiver of the Month

Congratulations to our October 2020 caregiver of the month Toni! Toni has been with us for a short time but in that time she has not only made a difference in the lives of our clients, but has made a very big impact on her fellow caregiver and office staff. Her dedication to the job, and to those she helps does not go unnoticed. Toni treats all of her clients with the utmost care and compassion. Her work ethic, combined with her caring nature and eagerness to please, makes her an invaluable member of the Home Instead family. Congratulations Toni, keep up the great work!

"I love to help others. I find it very satisfying to add some type of assistance others emotionally and physically and making their "loads" lighter."

Cheryl - September 2020 CAREGiver of the Month

"I choose caregiving because it is something that I've been doing my whole life. It comes naturally to me, And I enjoy the feeling of contentment I get from helping others.

A little about myself, I am a wife and mother to five amazing children, ages 8 to 23 years old. I learned caregiving from my grandmother. I would go with her to care for her elderly neighbors when I was very young. Later on, I cared for her after she suffered a stroke."

We are happy to announce that our caregiver of the month for September 2020 is Cheryl Gomez. Cheryl treats every client with compassion, kindness and respect. She knows how to make the client and their family feel supported. She is always going above beyond for her clients, we hear nothing but good things about Cheryl from every client she has had. She is a huge help to the staffing department and always makes sure she makes herself available anytime we need some extra help. Cheryl is a perfect example of what a Home Instead caregiver should be. Congratulations Cheryl and thank you for all you do!

Amanda - August 2020 CAREGiver of the Month

"Why I chose Caregiving, I love being there for someone that needs me. Walking into every shift and just seeing the smile on my clients face, it just warms my heart. My clients are very special to me.

I have 2 beautiful girls; they are the light of my life. I love baking, cooking, spending time with my family and being outdoors. I enjoy hiking and going to the beach. I always put everyone else before me."

We are proud to announce Amanda as our caregiver of the month August 2020. Amanda has graciously cared for and supported many of our seniors and their families. Wherever she goes, the clients always let us know what a wonderful job she is doing. Her love and compassion for others always shines through. Thank you, Amanda, for all you do!

Patricia - July 2020 CAREGiver of the Month

Meet our July CAREGiver of the Month!

“I chose CAREGiving because I find great joy in helping other in need. It’s always so great to hear our Client’s stories of where they have came from, about family, or just life lessons. It always brings me joy to see seniors happy and I always love to put a smile on their faces.
About me? I love to watch a good movie! I also love to spend time with friends and what better way than a movie and a good barbecue. I also am a huge animal lover, I love all animals especially cats.”

Congratulation Patricia, for doing such an amazing job!! Your clients have expressed how much they love your kindness, respect, attention to details, and professionalism. You go above and beyond for each client giving them such outstanding care. On behalf of HISC and your clients, thank you so very much for all that you do and continue to be dedicated caregiver and friend.

Amanda - June 2020 CAREGiver of the Month

"I chose Caregiving because it chose me. I love being with the elderly and being able to brighten their day. I am a single mom of 2 teenage boys. I have a small farm with goats and chickens. I was a Certified Nurse Aide for 8 years. I homeschool my boys. I am from Kansas and have been in California for 10 years.

Fun facts about me? I have 8 Goats, I sing and dance, I homeschool my boys, I garden, and I like to see the latest movies!"

We are proud to announce Amanda as our June CAREGiver of the Month! Amanda is one of our caregivers who we can count on to fill last minute shifts and is willing to drive anywhere to care for our clients. She has a kind heart and welcoming smile that always puts her clients at ease. She's graciously cared for our seniors and their families and truly cares for each one of them. Congratulations Amanda, keep up the great work!

Lauren - May 2020 CAREGiver of the Month

Congrats to our May CAREGiver of the month Lauren. She is a wonderful caregiver. She is very attentive to her client's needs, is skilled in all areas of caregiving, and confident of her knowledge of care. Lauren love, kindness, and respect for her clients is express at every visit and her support for the family is amazing.

"I chose Caregiving because I love being able to put a smile on someone else's the faces of seniors. I'm originally from Florida. I have 2 kids 1 boy and 1 girl who I love spending time with. Also love getting away and going on vacations with my husband.

Fun facts about me? I always try to find the good in things, I am Adventurous, and enjoy making others laugh.

Julie - April 2020 CAREGiver of the Month

"I chose Caregiving in order to give something back to the community. Our veterans went out and fought in wars for the freedom we have today. I want them to be comfortable and know that they are appreciated and loved. When I am not working with my Seniors I enjoy walking and meditating on our heavenly Father. I enjoy giving in all forms.

Fun Facts about me? I like going to Bible class, Playing cards, Enjoy reading, Learning how to Knit, and exercising."

We are happy to announce that out Caregiver of the month for April 2020 is Julie. Julie has been with Home Instead for almost 2 years, and since day one she has been a wonderful caregiver. She always puts her client's needs first and is an amazing representation of what a Home Instead Caregiver should be. Not only is she an amazing caregiver, but she is a huge help to the staffing department. She is someone that we call first anytime we have a last minute open shift, she always makes herself available no matter the day or time. Julie, we appreciate your consistency, communication, and commitment. Congratulations to you, and thank you for all you do!

Nancy - March 2020 CAREGiver of the Month

"I’ve been CAREGiving for 10+ years. I find it very rewarding to care for seniors. Just due to the fact that there’s a need for them and I can assist. I’m compassionate, a caring person, and I always try to make people comfortable. I’m a mother of 3. I love my family and my job. I enjoy getting to know people especially seniors because they’re so full of wisdom.

Some fun facts about me? I love to cook and eating. I am also a creative person and am a great listener."

We are proud to announce Nancy as our caregiver of the month for March 2020. Nancy has been with Home Instead since 2017 and has provided excellent care to many of our clients. Nancy is one of the most dependable caregivers we have she is always on time and rarely asks for time off. Nancy always goes out of her way to make sure her clients feel special and cared for. Nancy is very flexible with her schedule and will cover any shift on any day that her clients need her. That is invaluable to the staffing department and we couldn't be happier to have her as our caregiver of the month. Congratulations again to Nancy and thank you for everything you do!

Elisha - February 2020 CAREGiver of the Month

Meet our CAREGiver of the Month for February

"I feel like Caregiving chose me. I worked in the dental field for 19 years, always taking time off work to care for sick or dying family. So I made a change and couldn't be happier. It is very rewarding and makes my heart full to be able to give someone a better quality of life. When I am not with clients, I love to be in the mountains with my dogs and husband (We have been married for 10 years!) I am very easy going and love to laugh. As long as the people around me are happy and healthy I am happy. I am simple and treat people like I would want to be treated!"

Fun facts about me? I love sharks, Crocheting, off roading with my husband, black licorice, and I have 10 pets!

Congratulations to Elisha our caregiver of the month for February. Elisha always goes above and beyond for her clients and their families to make sure their needs are met with kindness and compassion. Elisha has great communication with the office and is always willing to help staffing with whatever is needed. Thank you for all you do Elisha, we truly appreciate all you do for us and our clients.

Sande - January 2020 CAREGiver of the Month

"Caregiving chose me. Here is my story. After graduating from high school, I had an opportunity to volunteer at a group home with troubled teens for 3 years, after learning more and more about home health/personal care I decided to take another step. I started working with Developmental disorders with adults for 12 years, that was a challenge but rewarding. I worked at a Drug and Alcohol facility, assisting consumers with the addiction, detoxing and helping them accomplishing goals, Between my jobs I had to take care of my father who was in the service (AF) had his leg amputated. MY father suffered with not getting the proper care from the system of the VA. I took my father in and cared for him for 4 years until he passed away. Here I am a caregiver for HISC which I enjoy working for and learning as I go."

"5 Fun facts about myself: I am a collector of Vinyl's, I love to dance, I enjoy old school concerts, I love drawing, and watching football!"

Congratulations to Sande! Sande always goes above and beyond for her clients, and they have nothing but wonderful things to say about her and the care she provides. She always picks up last minute shifts and is willing to drive anywhere at any time of day or night to help us out.