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Training Agreement

Below is a schedule of training costs for the initial training program. If an employee terminates their employment during their initial six months of employment, they are asked to pay back the training costs incurred by Home Instead for training courses completed.

Training Course Cost
Empower Module 1: Caregiving Core Values $80.00
Empower Module 2: Personal Care Skills $80.00
Personal Care In-House Training $250.00
Empower Module 3: Alzheimer's Disease $60.00
Empower Module 4: Caregiver Responsibilities Part 1 $60.00
Empower Module 5: Caregiver Responsibilities Part 2 $60.00
Empower Module 6: Essential Principles of Care $60.00
Empower Module 7: Nutrition $60.00
Empower Module 8: Diseases Common in the Elderly $60.00

If an employee terminates their employment with Home Instead after completing their training during their first six months but before one full year of employment, employees are responsible for reimbursing Home Instead for training expenses according to the schedule below:

Number of months of service from the completion of training Reimbursement
7-8 months 80%
9-10 months 60%
11-12 months 50%