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Dec 25, 2022

New Job, New You

Written By: Lindsay Green
find fulfillment through a career as a senior caregiver with home instead

New Job, New You

Now is the perfect time to pursue a career in senior home care with Home Instead. Pursuing a new career as a Care Professional with Home Instead not only comes with amazing benefits, such as competitive pay, job stability, and opportunities for career advancement, but it is extremely rewarding.

Every day you work as a caregiver with Home Instead, you will be making a difference in someone’s life. You will be helping individuals have a positive aging experience by providing support that enhances and improves their quality of life.

Home Instead is the perfect place to start your senior home caregiving career. Learn more about why so many caregivers, whether they are new to the home care industry or have years of experience, choose to work with Home Instead.

Opportunity to Give Back to the Community

The biggest reason why so many people enjoy working with Home Instead is because they have an opportunity to give back to their community.

While you are technically a professional caregiver when you work with Home Instead, you actually form lasting personal bonds with your clients. Each time you visit your clients, it is like you are visiting a friend or family member.

One of the advantages of working with Home Instead is our prioritized client matching. We will try our best to not only match you up with a client who needs your specific skill set, but one who meets your scheduling and personal preferences. For example, if you enjoy working with individuals who suffer from Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, we will do our best to match you up with clients who are in need of Alzheimer’s Care or who have memory impairment and are in need of other services, such as transportation, meal prep, or household help.

With our prioritized client matching, we are able to help connect you with clients you feel you can form lasting relationships with. This helps you not only feel as if your job is rewarding, but it helps our clients feel as if they have a friend who truly cares.

No Specialized Experience Required to Work as a Care Professional

Many individuals assume that working in senior home care requires you to have a special license or individualized training. That isn’t always true.

Specialized licenses or individualized training may be required for specific services, such as medication management and nurse directed care. However, there are a number of services, such as home helper, meal prep, and personal care attendant, offered by Home Instead that require no license or previous specialized training.

There are a few requirements that need to be met to work with Home Instead, such as passing a background check and drug screening, having good communication skills and excellent time management skills. However, these are skills that most individuals whether they are new to the workforce or have been working for years can possess.

By offering jobs that don’t require special licenses or prior training, Home Instead provides you with an opportunity to start an immediate career in caregiving. If specialized skills are required, most Home Instead offices provide on-the-job training.

Other Advantages of Working with Home Instead

Giving back to the community and forming lasting relationships with clients is the biggest advantage of working with Home Instead New York, NY. However, it isn’t the only advantage. Some of the other advantages you receive by choosing to work with Home Instead include:

  • Ongoing training – Home Instead offers free monthly webinars and training sessions that provide you with valuable information about the senior caregiving industry
  • Career advancement – Home Instead may offer help getting you the training and licenses you need to help advance your career in home caregiving
  • Job stability – Demand for home healthcare is expected to grow within the next 10 years. Working as a home caregiver, you can have peace-of-mind knowing your job is secure as you provide a service that helps aging individuals remain as independent as possible.
  • Benefits – As an employee of Home instead New York, NY, benefits are offered and may vary with the number of hours worked. Benefits that have been offered to employees include competitive pay, paid vacation and time off, paid on-the-job training, health insurance, and 401 (k) participation.
  • Flexible scheduling – Home Instead will try to work with you to work around your schedule. We have hundreds of clients who need all types of care at various times throughout the day. We do our best to create favorable schedules for everyone.
  • Flexibility with location – We work with you to determine where you go and how far you travel to clients

Examples of Types of Jobs Offered Through Home Instead

Home Instead offers a wide variety of jobs ranging from caregivers to nurses and even office administration positions like client care coordinators.

Some examples of the types of jobs that are available through Home Instead include:

  • Caregivers
  • Weekend caregivers
  • Overnight caregivers
  • Care coordinator
  • Recruiter

A Rewarding Career in Senior Home Care Awaits

Whether you are new to the workforce, returning after a long absence, or making a career switch, Home Instead can help you as enter the wonderful and rewarding world of senior home care. Visit our careers page to browse the current senior home care job listing near you.

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