Our CAREPRO of the Quarter is someone who has been with Home Instead for almost 2 years. She is a quiet, soft-spoken individual. She leaves an impression with her clients that is extraordinaire! She picks up shifts, her call off rate is zero and she gives plenty of time for vacation notice. Her clients look forward to arrival, her smile and her giving behavior. She even goes out of her way to make sure that her one client gets oatmeal cookies not once in awhile, but every week. She is dependable! Give it up for Kim Sturgeon!q1 meeting 2.jpg
Diane Soto is celebrating her 15 year marker at Home Instead! She is a soft-spoken, gentle soul who our clients adore. She likes cooking, sewing, gardening and taking care of her clients. Diane is an outstanding CAREPRO who goes above and beyond for her clients. Congratulations Diane! 

Bethany Marshall is celebrating her One year marker at Home Instead! She is always highly spoken of by our clients, who absolutely admire the work she does. She is quiet as a mice and a caring soul. Her clients and Home Instead appreciate all the work she does. Congrats Bethany!