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September 18, 2021

Why Home Care in Lafayette, LA?

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Are you looking after an elderly loved one in Lafayette, LA who is in need of more assistance than you can provide? If so, Home Instead offers local, home care services that may be just what you are in need of. 

What is Home Care Used For?

Home care is used to provide support and assistance to those who need it at any point during the aging process in their home. Home Instead is a great choice when doing your home care in Lafayette, LA research. They offer support services for those with personal care needs, Alzheimer care, hospice support, chronic illness care, home help assistance, transportation, and companionship all inside of your loved one’s own home. Here is a brief breakdown of what needs these services are intended to aid to help with your home-care support search. 

Personal Care

Personal, home-care allows elder adults to enjoy the freedom of living in their home with support to complete daily tasks with home-care services. Assistance with routine hygiene such as bathing, grooming, and help in the restroom are all covered under personal care. Assistance to get in and out of bed, sitting and rising, general mobility, getting dressed, and changing are also all personal care services. Personal care service makes daily routine tasks that may have been a struggle before much easier.

Alzheimer’s And Dementia Care  

A personalized care plan for those suffering with Alzheimer’s and dementia can make maintaining a high quality of life much easier when navigating through memory loss.  Stability, support, and compassion are all key components to customize a care plan for those experiencing memory loss. Choosing a company like Home Instead for home care in Lafayette, LA gives you peace of mind that a detailed, personalized plan will be made through genuine relationship building, learning about the person’s life history, positive reinforcement, encouragement, and establishing a stable routine. 

Hospice Support 

If you are in need of 24-hour home care, personal care, medication management, overnight care, comfort management, respite care, and a compassionate ear for you and your loved one throughout the hospice experience then choosing hospice support home care is the right decision.  

Chronic Illness Care 

Living with a chronic illness or condition can feel strenuous and overwhelming for everyone involved. Choosing a support plan such as chronic illness care can relieve some of the burden with a personalized and tailored home-care plan to the individual’s needs. Companies like Home Instead offer home-care plans that specialize in arthritis and diabetes support in Lafayette, LA.  

Home Help

Assistance in keeping up with a loved one’s household through light housekeeping, meal planning, recipe research that aligns with the person’s specific dietary and nutritional needs, grocery list preparation, and the physical act of grocery shopping support are all available resources through home help. 

Transportation Assistance 

Driving can become a challenge for older adults when needing to get safely to and from doctor appointments, fitness classes, club events, volunteer meetings, museums, etc. Transportation assistance can provide relief to get to and from their necessary appointments and activities safely and on time. 


Providing companionship can help your elderly loved one to not feel lonely while living in their home. Home Instead offers local companionship support through mind-stimulating activities such as creating photo albums, enjoying music together, crafting, gardening, walks together, playing cards and board games, and more. 

Peace of Mind 

Choosing a local, home-care company such as Home Instead that uses the latest technology to deliver tailored, person-centered home care services will give peace of mind to clients with the ease and availability to stay connected and engaged with their loved ones and providers while ensuring they’re safe in their homes. 

Local Love & Care

Reach out to Home Instead if you are ready to choose a local, home-care company for your loved one in need of support services in the Lafayette, LA area. Their website offers a quick and easy inquiry choice, as well as a telephone call inquiry option. Their team of CAREGivers are ready to help you choose the best, personalized home-care plan for your loved one.