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Mar 11, 2022

Keeping Your Elderly Loved One Active This Spring

Keeping Your Elderly Loved One Active This Spring

As springtime approaches, the fresh air and sunlight are very beneficial to your elderly loved one’s health because both are good sources of natural remedies for pain management. Having your elderly senior spend more time outside enjoying sunnier days will help them feel healthier and stronger. As the weather begins to warm up, elderly seniors can safely walk outdoors, reaping the benefits of the fresh air. For most of us, warmer weather means a more carefree way of living. 

Sunlight combined with exercise and fresh air is an excellent way to boost mood and maintain an active lifestyle. This is especially important for the elderly since the pandemic has caused their outdoor activities to be more limited.

Watching your elderly loved one enjoy the sunshine will give you some comfort. But, if your elderly senior shows signs of needing assistance to participate in activities, there is help. Home Instead is a home care provider in Lafayette, LA, specializing in aiding the elderly by providing various in-home care services.

Spring Activities for Seniors


Daily walks are one of the best activities an elderly adult can do for low impact, effective exercise. Walking can lower the risk of heart disease, strengthen the bones, and prevent osteoporosis.    


Engaging elderly loved ones in gardening is a more therapeutic activity that builds self-esteem. Gardening is also considered a form of exercise with the constant moving, pulling, and twisting that is involved. 


Participating in senior-friendly dancing promotes muscle strength, coordination, and strong bones. It also encourages socialization which will lift your elderly senior’s spirits. 


Attending social events in person or on zoom usually increases for the elderly during warmer weather, allowing them to spend more time with friends.

Family outings

Spending time with family, especially grandchildren, is an excellent way to stay physically and socially active by going on a trip to the zoo, attending a sporting event, or having a picnic in the park. 

Spring cleaning

Enlisting the help of family and friends to assist your elderly loved one with spring cleaning will help them feel better in their space. Cleaning out drawers, closets, floors, and walls can be spread out over the course of a few weeks, which will keep them very busy. In the end, their space will look brand new.    

Spring gives a new opportunity for elderly loved ones to become more active since the temperatures are warmer. This allows them to feel comfortable while spending time outside. 

With sunlight being a good source of vitamin D, taking in the scenery during a brisk walk is a healthy way to get moving during springtime. However, when your elderly loved one does get the urge to go outside, precautions still need to be taken to prevent them from overexertion, falling, and weather-related issues.

Outdoor Safety Tips for Seniors this Spring

  • Sunscreen. Sunburn can happen in as little as fifteen minutes, so wearing sunscreen will help protect senior adults against harmful ultraviolet rays.
  • Sunglasses. Protecting the eyes from the sun and keeping particles out is vital to preventing eye damage or discomfort.
  • Shoes. Properly fitted shoes with slip-proof soles will help to prevent falls and make walking distances more comfortable.
  • Dress attire. It is important to layer clothes during spring temperatures since Louisiana weather can range widely.
  • Stay hydrated. Seniors must stay hydrated by drinking lots of water so that their body functions properly.
  • Lighting. Having adequate outdoor lighting for better visibility in areas that elderly loved ones visit during dawn or dusk can help to prevent falls.
  • Buddy system. Exercising with a friend or loved one is safer and mentally encouraging when using the buddy system.
  • Cell phone. When your elderly loved one is outdoors alone, it is very important for them to have their cell phones fully charged in case of an emergency.

As springtime encourages socialization in elderly seniors, their loneliness and depression will diminish. Incorporating a well-balanced diet will lower their risk of developing chronic health conditions such as heart disease and diabetes. 

If you begin to need help taking care of your elderly loved one, enlist in aid of a home care service in Lafayette, LA, such as Home Instead. Our Caregivers will formulate a plan that benefits your loved one’s well-being so that they remain independent, active, and energized.       

Home Instead is committed to helping elderly people lead healthy lifestyles as they age. If you would like to speak to someone today concerning your loved one’s care, call us at 337-282-2343. You can also learn more about the variety of home care services we provide. 

Home Instead is your number one choice for home care services in the Lafayette, LA, area because compassion is at the heart of our care.

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