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November 10, 2021

How to Help Seniors Battle the Holiday Blues

Senior Holiday Blues


The upcoming holidays can be associated with love and joy, as well as loss and painful past memories for seniors. Don’t let the holiday blues creep up on your elderly loved ones while they are living alone. Choosing a local senior home care organization like Home Instead will provide peace of mind that your loved one is being surrounded by cheer and happiness during tough times.


Before the blues come along this holiday season, beat them by being aware of the signs and symptoms in your loved ones first.

Mood and Energy: Has there been a sudden change? Have you noticed a shift in energy levels? Upcoming holidays can trigger a loss of energy, stress, loneliness, and sadness in some seniors.


Recognizing these signs and symptoms and acknowledging them is the first step in beating the holiday blues. Talking through these feelings with your loved one can be beneficial. Encouraging them to write about it in a journal or mail handwritten letters are other great ways to work through those arising feelings.


A simple act of connection through an in-person conversation and visit during the holiday season can have a powerful and positive impact. Connection with animals is another great way to get social interaction in. It has been proven that spending time with dogs, specifically, can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression by creating an overall sense of well-being.


Encouraging regular movements and activities is also a way to beat the holiday blues. Exercise has also been proven to improve the symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression. Regular exercise can be a memory booster in senior adults, too. Physical activity like neighborhood walks and gentle yoga are optimal choices to get endorphins flowing.


Circling back to hobbies that once brought joy to your loved one’s life is another way to beat those holiday blues. This provides a productive distraction from the difficult thoughts and feelings they may be experiencing while helping to maintain a sense of self. Preserving lifetime hobbies and interests is also helpful for seniors who are suffering from memory loss.


Participating in volunteer activities and organizations within your community with your loved one during the holidays is also a constructive and productive way to beat the holiday blues.


Home Instead offers a wide variety of senior home care services to take care of your senior loved ones through tough times such as the upcoming holidays. Since approaching this topic can be challenging, here are some handy tips on talking about senior home care to your elderly loved ones


Providing companionship can help your elderly loved one not feel lonely while living in their home alone during the holidays. Home Instead offers local companionship support in Lafayette, LA, through mind-stimulating activities such as creating photo albums, enjoying music together, crafting, gardening, walks together, playing cards and board games, and more.


Choosing a local senior home care company such as Home Instead that uses the latest technology to deliver tailored, person-centered home care services will give peace of mind to clients with the ease and availability to stay connected and engaged with their loved ones and providers while ensuring they are safe in their homes.


Reach out to Home Instead if you are ready to choose a local senior home care company for your senior loved ones in need of support services in the Lafayette, LA area. Our website offers a quick and easy inquiry choice, as well as a telephone call inquiry option. Our team of CAREGivers is ready to help you choose the best, personalized home-care plan for your loved ones.