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December 15, 2021

Best Holiday Gifts for Older Adults

Holiday Gifts for Older Adults

Choosing the perfect gift for your elderly loved one to bring out the joy and happiness of the holidays can be tough. We want to make that choice a little bit easier for you with our 2021 gift guide for older adults.

Digital Memories

Digital photo frames such as Amazon’s Aura Carver Smart Digital Picture Frame and The Skylight Frame are both great options. Gifting a digital photo frame that allows multiple users to have log-ins also allows for other friends and family to add memories to share with your loved one. This gift also does not limit you to having to choose just one photo to give. You are able to reminisce with your loved one over the photos uploaded, which could in turn aid in those suffering from memory loss. At under $200 these are also both affordable gifts that are easy to split the cost between others.

Amazon’s Echo Show 15 is a higher-priced digital frame that offers even more capabilities such as a larger digital display, great for those who are vision impaired, a shared calendar feature to keep track of the caregiver schedule for your loved one’s in-home care with Home Instead, as well as reminders and shopping lists for those who are battling memory loss. Access to adding appointments with reminders is another great feature this frame offers that will help with keeping track of your loved one’s medical appointments. The Alexa feature also allows for access to recipes, making mealtime a bit easier, and so much more.


A simple act of connection through an in-person conversation and visit during the holiday season can have a powerful and positive impact. Connection with animals is another great way to get social interaction in. Studies show that spending time with dogs specifically can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression by creating an overall sense of well-being.

Programs such as the Paws and Paw Paws Cuddle Buddy program, provide seniors with the opportunity to spend time with the pets in their facility. This gift allows seniors to have an interactive connection with their pets without the added responsibility of owning one, which can be challenging for elders.

Physical Activities

The gift of time together through exercise has also been proven to ease the symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression. Regular exercise can be a memory booster in senior adults, too. Physical activities, such as neighborhood walks together and gentle yoga are optimal choices to get endorphins flowing. Gifting private yoga lessons or reiki healing sessions, which is an energy healing technique that promotes relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety through gentle touch, in your loved one’s home through Acadiana Yoga & Wellness is another great gift option.

Cheers to Creativity

Circling back to hobbies that once brought joy to your loved one’s life is another go-to gift option that helps to maintain a sense of self. Preserving lifetime hobbies and interests is helpful for seniors who are suffering from memory loss. Beginning new hobbies can also keep your loved one’s creativity flowing. How about the gift of a workshop or class at Pottery Alley to re-discover their love for pottery or explore a new way to express creative energy?

‘Tis the Season to Give Back

Participating in volunteer activities and organizations within your community with your senior loved one during the holidays is another great gift idea that allows for spending intentional time together for the greater good. Gifting time together through organizations such as the Retired & Senior Volunteer Program or RSVP is another thoughtful option to give your loved one. 

Cheers to Companionship

Providing companionship can help your elderly loved one not feel lonely while living in their home alone during the holidays. Home Instead offers local, in-home care companionship support through mind-stimulating activities such as creating photo albums, enjoying music together, crafting, gardening, walks together, playing cards and board games, and more.

Less is more

When choosing a gift for the elderly loved one in your life this holiday season, try to remember less is more. Most older adults have tons of “things”, so gifting an experience or a way to revisit good memories is the way to go most of the time. Just keep your gift shopping simple and thoughtful for them. You got this!

Local Love and Care

Choosing a local, senior in-home care company such as Home Instead that uses the latest technology to deliver tailored, person-centered home care services will give peace of mind to clients with the ease and availability to stay connected and engaged with their loved ones and providers while ensuring they are safe in their homes this holiday season.

Reach out to Home Instead if you are ready to choose a local, senior in-home care company for your senior, loved one in need of support services in the Lafayette, LA area. Our team of CAREGivers is ready to help you choose the best, personalized home-care plan for your loved one this holiday season and beyond!