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October 19, 2021

Benefits of Companionship for Seniors

Benefits of companionship for seniors

No one should rationalize loneliness as being normal just because it is a part of getting older. That is a big misconception. 

Companionship for seniors is extremely important because it promotes mental and physical health, creates new routines, and simply just makes life better. 

For aging adults, life is still a vibrant journey where family and friends can continue to bring happiness to them. 

Although there are some people who do prefer solitude, we still should not assume that implies acceptance and contentment. 

Benefits of companionship for seniors

  • Longer lifespan when seniors stay more active and motivated with family and friends.
  • Protection from dementia when the brain is forced to be active, strong, and flexible while continuing to learn.
  • Helps to fight off depression because seniors feel cared for and supported.
  • Lowers the risk of heart disease.
  • Maintain proper hygiene and upkeep of the home.
  • Faster recovery from surgeries with less suffering when a friend or companion is nearby.
  • Have peace of mind because they feel valued, safe, and filled with a purpose. The family members also have peace of mind knowing their loved one has support and is not alone.
  • Boost their immune system and can help to prevent osteoporosis.

Most seniors would prefer to age in their own home for as long as they can and would benefit from an in-home senior care service. 

It would be an advantage for seniors to be able to be around the environment they are familiar with and the things that bring them joy. 

Making sure your senior loved one has a healthy amount of social interaction is vital to their well-being

Finding an in-home senior service in the Lafayette, La area to help with daily activities and chores while providing the social stimulation necessary, will encourage them to live a happy life.   

Since the global coronavirus pandemic, family and friends have been kept at a distance for months on end.  This has increased loneliness in senior adults. 

The pandemic has also worsened the mental state of so many people, including senior adults.  But a friendly face doesn’t always mean seeing someone in person.

It is important to remember that companionship could be a phone call or a visit from outside a window. Also, the internet has made it easy and possible for people to communicate by way of video chatting, which not all senior adults are familiar with.

Finding a way to keep aging seniors connected to family and friends will enhance their quality of life.  An in-home senior care service can do just that for your loved one.      

Seniors who face isolation can be damaging to their health because they have a higher risk of developing depression. 

It is also harder for them to get the help they need when something goes wrong.  Even with the easy access to mobile phones, not every aging senior will own one and/or always have one with them. 

Isolation should not be a natural part of an aging senior. Arranging for an in-home senior care service to assist with supporting your loved one’s needs, can boost their overall health. 

In-home care senior services offered:

  • House cleaning and laundry
  • Running errands
  • Meals and medication preparation
  • Companionship
  • Personal care and getting dressed
  • Mobility support
  • Emergency response

If you or a family member is considering an in-home senior care service in the Lafayette, LA, area for a loved one, contact Home Instead today at 337-295-7990.  Their experienced staff is dedicated to supporting aging adults in the comfort of their own homes.

To view the wide array of in-home care senior services Home Instead offers, visit our website.  Home Instead can help to restore dignity and independence to your senior loved one.