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Alzheimer's & Dementia Care in Arroyo Grande, CA

Arroyo Grande's Preferred Alzheimer's Care Provider

Alzheimer's disease consists of irregular changes that affect the human brain and directly impact an individual's memory, as well as other mental abilities. First and foremost, the top priority is keeping the individual affected by Alzheimer's safe. Aside from that there are many other important aspects to focus on, such as learning how to manage difficult behaviors and improving communication skills. Alzheimer's caregivers should receive the proper training to ensure they are able to manage their life, in addition to the one who is impacted. Caregivers will typically experience less stress with such training and this goes a long way when providing Alzheimer's care in Arroyo Grande.

Individualized Dementia Care Services for Seniors in Arroyo Grande, CA

Most families are reluctant at the idea of another person taking care of their loved one with dementia. This is a normal reaction because the family does not want to let go of their loved one, even though caring for them can be a huge burden and can negatively impact the family's health. After receiving some education about dementia care services, most Arroyo Grande families are much more open to the idea of letting a qualified dementia caregiver care for their loved one. Aside from lessening the stress on behalf of the family, a dementia caregiver can also provide the utmost care during a critical time.

Companionship Care:

Most seniors enjoy visits from a new friend and helping them accomplish tasks and enjoy favorite activities is good for seniors' health. We can play games, visit neighbors, watch movies or plan activities, whatever is most helpful for the senior and their family.

Home Helper Services​:

Receiving help with home tasks that are more difficult for seniors is often crucial to allowing seniors to continue to live in their home. Plus, our home helper services free up time for family caregivers to spend more quality time with their loved one. Home Helper services include cleaning, laundry, shopping, running errands and helping however we can.

Personal Care Services:

Having an outside caregiver help with personal care such as bathing, dressing and mobility helps preserve important family relationships and preserves the dignity of the senior. Our trained CAREGivers treat each senior with the utmost of respect in all personal care matters.

Respite Care:

Our CAREGivers can fill in for family caregivers to allow them to find time for their own lives and family, go on vacation or just take time to replenish your physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

We make it easy to get started with a complimentary initial consultation. We can get to know each other, we'll listen carefully to your needs and concerns, we can share the experience of hundreds of other families with whom we've worked, and we'll make recommendations for service. Please call us today at (805) 473-5781. We look forward to meeting you soon.

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