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Feb 25, 2022

Kindness for Lent

Written By: Home Instead

Showing kindness to others may not be rocket science, but sometimes going the extra mile to help others can feel like planning a mission to mars. Between work, kids, in-laws, and countless other tasks and responsibilities that fill the week, time is a four-letter word you would probably like to be more familiar with.

That’s OK – we get it. And we’ve got you covered.

The 40 days of Lent are the perfect time to renew your focus on kindness and help brighten an older adult’s day. With the simple acts of kindness provided for the dates below, you’ll have a way to stay-on-top of your commitment to helping those who need it. It’s also been said that after 21 days of performing a new task, the task can become a habit.

Who doesn’t want a healthy new habit for 2022?

And even if you’re not Christian – or religious at all – 40 days devoted to spreading acts of kindness is a great way to help yourself by helping a demographic that is statistically more vulnerable to loneliness and depression.

Try these 40 acts of kindness:

March 2 – Offer a compliment

March 3 – Warm up someone’s vehicle

March 4 – Share a favorite memory or story

March 5 – Say ‘hello’ to a stranger

March 6 – Pray or send good vibes

March 7 – Write a letter or note

March 8 – Let someone skip in line

March 9 – Start a conversation

March 10 – Share a favorite song or record

March 11 – Pay it forward with a coffee

March 12 – Pull a trash can from the road

March 13 – Set a clock for Daylight Savings

March 14 – Ask about someone’s day

March 15 – Make a phone call or send a text message

March 16 – Share a healthy snack

March 17 – Tell someone you’re lucky to know them

March 18 – Donate to a senior-focused organization

March 19 – Teach your kids kindness

March 20 – Gift flowers

March 21 – Offer help of any kind

March 22 -- Listen to a senior

March 23 – Help with a small yard task

March 24 – Introduce Yourself

March 25 – Check-in with a neighbor

March 26 – Provide encouragement

March 27 -- Send a prayer request

March 28 – Go the extra mile

March 29 – Return a grocery cart for someone

March 30 – Offer a ride

April 1 – Smile at someone

April 2 – Be patient with someone in traffic

April 3 – Give up your seat

April 4 – Donate blood

April 5 – Thank an older military veteran

April 6 – Give away an umbrella

April 7 – Tell a parent or grandparent something nice

April 8 – Help a confused senior

April 9 – Send a card

April 10 -- Hold a door

April 11 – Gift a lottery scratch-off

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