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May 20, 2022

Help Seniors Fight Social Isolation

Written By: Home Instead
Elderly woman smiling while sitting on sofa
When we turn on the news, it can feel like there’s not a lot that we can do to make the world a better place, especially when we’re bound to our homes. It’s important to remember, however, that the small acts of kindness and love and displays of selflessness are really what make our world a better place for those around us. For our aging community, connecting with others is a small joy that makes these gloomy days brighter.

Research shows that connecting over video chat can help seniors reduce the risk of depression. But you don’t need technology to show your loved ones that you’re there for them even if you can’t be together face-to-face. Receiving surprise gifts, calls, or letters can also be a great way to uplift someone’s spirits, and gives you peace of mind knowing that they’re being thought of.

Here are a few simple ideas to connect with your senior loved ones from a safe distance:

1. Share a song with a senior.
Listening to music has many benefits including improving memory and quality of sleep. Share your favorite songs with your older relative or friend to show them they are on your mind.

2. Read with a senior.
Reading can help seniors keep their minds sharp. Grab a good book and take turns reading chapters to each other. See where your imaginations take you.

3. Teach a senior your favorite recipe.
Share a favorite recipe over the phone. Whether it’s something simple or a beloved family staple, you are both sure to bond over a tasty treat.

4. Write a letter to a senior.
Become a pen pal! Submit a letter online, and our team will deliver it to a senior in need of social connection.

5. Watch a movie with a senior.
Cozy up on a chilly night and find a movie or show and start at the same time. Take it to the next level by popping some popcorn so it feels like a genuine theater experience.

6. Show them the love on social media.
Shoutout an older loved one on Facebook or Instagram by sharing your favorite photo with them, a quote that makes you think of them, or a joke they would love. Don’t forget to tag them so they don’t miss the fun update.

7. Join our Ready to Care community. 
Connect and support others, including seniors who may feel isolated in the Ready to Care Facebook Group. Request to join the group and invite your friends!

Want weekly reminders for acts of kindness for seniors in your community? Sign up to get kindness ideas delivered by text.

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