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Aug 20, 2021

Celebrate Professional Caregivers

Written By: Home Instead
5 Ways to Celebrate Professional CaregiversSmall

It takes a village to care for the older adults in our communities, and professional caregivers are on the frontlines – finding new ways every day to make their world better and brighter. Tasked with multiple clients, changing home environments and working one-on-one with older adults who require special attention and care, caregiving is not for everyone.

For the same reasons some may see the profession as a challenge, those who choose to be a caregiver for a living find that those reasons can mold the perfect role – a role that provides a rewarding experience unlike any other.

Those like 2021 CAREGiver SM of the Year Bill Glover find caregiving a profession that makes a difference every single day of the year. After Bill lost his wife, being a professional caregiver for others provided him a way to still socialize and share his love and compassion for others.

“I just do what I love to do – helping care for those I love,” he said after being asked about the award. “I thank the Lord every day for the opportunity to serve them and Him.”

Even if it’s just an hour – or a few minutes of the day – caregivers like Bill often look to make a difference in the lives of those who may be socially isolated or who may not be treated with the dignity that they deserve.

Tips to Show a Caregiver That You Care

While there’s only one CAREGiver of the Year award at Home Instead, there are tens of thousands of caregivers across the country deserving of praise and recognition. Here are a few ways you can show these selfless individuals just how much they are appreciated:


  1. Make or buy a card – It may be one of the oldest ways of showing recognition, but it’s still a great way to capture how you feel. It’s also a great way to show off your creativity and thoughtfulness.
  2. Share a coffee or favorite drink – A gift card to a local coffee shop or café is the perfect way to brighten a caregiver’s morning. If you see a caregiver in line, pay it forward.
  3. Social media praise – and other caregiving networks that use social media are great places to connect with caregivers and thank them for what they do.
  4. Bring a box of chocolate – You can rarely go wrong with chocolate or some type of treat to as a way to show gratitude.
  5. Tell them in person – Words are our most powerful ally. When you come across a professional caregiver in your community, stop and tell them how great they are and ask how they are doing.

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